stephenpearcy400 Former Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy says he walked out on the band for the last time because he felt three decades of “volatile” living was enough.

He believes the notoriously unstable band changed for the worse when guitarist Robbin Crosby died in 2002 – but his offer of returning for a final album remains open.

Pearcy, who quit in April, tells Inappropriate Earl, “30 years is enough time to be in something that’s so volatile. Things weren’t proper.”

He reports he’s enjoying life more with his solo band, although he’s not planning to stage any large-scale tours. “There’s less drama and there’s less overall business structure,” he says. “It’s more back to basics. I just like getting out there once in a while.”

The singer describes Crosby’s death after a heroin overdose as “the end of the Ratt tale, so to speak,” adding, “I knew it would never be the same. No disrespect to whoever else stepped in. It’s just not the same – and hence all the catastrophe that followed.”

Speaking about the chance of recording a follow-up to 2010’s Infestation, Pearcy says, “If it’s the four original guys, that would be cool. If not, you’ll get what you got before. We’ll see.”

However, if it doesn’t happen, he reflects, “I’m happy with my legacy. We do very well for ourselves, so it’s all good. I can live with it and move on. The heyday is over with.”

Drummer Bobby Blotzer reacted to Pearcy’s departure earlier this year by accusing him of being “delusional” – but added he’d welcome “the nice Stephen” back into the fold.

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  • Keith H. on

    Stephen… were scheduled to be the Opening Act at Hairapalooza in Pinellas Park, Florida with Slaughter, Great White and Winger. You were clearly embarrassed and canceled out. Wake up and smell the Ratt!!!

  • jeez louise on

    I saw Ratt in January of this year in Petaluma calif. It was one of there “warmup” gigs for the reunion. They sounded awesome! It was great seeing Juan back with the band with all his energy and very god backup vocals. It was Bobby that pussed out because his neck hurt and they had Jimmy Degrasso fill in, he played Bobbys parts better than Bobby,lol. They should have just kept the ball rolling with Jimmy and tell Bobby to fuck off. And definitely keep Carlos,him and Warren would be one of the best dual guitar combos out there.

  • T on

    It’s a good thing that he’s not planning to stage any large-scale tours for his solo band, because there isn’t much demand for one. In a related story, I’m not accepting any dates with Kate Upton at this time.

  • juve on

    Was interesting to see Stephen on That Metal Show several years ago. He had on just a white tank top, and I forget who asked, but a question was asked to him if he ever ran into any old groupies from back in the day…He said, yea, and some of them are FUGLY…dude, did you not walk by a mirror that day? It was ironic for HIM to say, cuz he looked like a quarter when a dollar wasn’t enough.
    Good luck to him and the band. I really liked the first two albums. After reading these posts I’ll have to check out Infestation.

  • Lee on

    Hairapalooza….and an opening act. Does he dream of ’85 with 19,000 every city? That Ratt duo on guitar with some bozo taking over vocals sounds like road tar on a banana split.

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