Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent says that he is open to the possibility of making an appearance during the band’s End Of The Road tour.

in a new interview with Rock And Roll Experience With Mike Brunn  Vinnie said (as per, “Well, it’s not something I’ve thought about lately. I think there was something that my lawyer had been in contact with them about a year ago. As far as I know, nothing came of it. And it wasn’t something I thought about — after that moment had passed, it wasn’t anything I thought about anymore.

I don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t wanna assume anything — it’s not for me to second guess. It seems like they’ve got the band that they’re doing this with. I don’t know if they’re having past members play — I don’t know…

…Well, that’s as far as my thoughts go with it. If this is something that they want to approach, all they’ve gotta do is give me a call, and we’ll take it from there.”

In recent Vincent news, he will be hosting Vinnie Vincent’s Merry Metal Christmas on December 14th and December 15th at S.I.R. Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Click here for more information.

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  • jeffrey heffernan on

    vinnie ,vinnie,vinnie,,,that call is never going to come.itsjust more smoke and mirrors from the band.they hate you.and i will be shocked if peter and ace are involved either.this i think is the same nonsense that paul spread out before tickets went on sale for this tour ,to kick up sales.then after they sold the tour on that past members.not even it will SHOCK ME,if anything changes this time around.and lets face it 2 years is a long way off for a bunch of guys in their 70s to be planning anything that far into the future.

  • RTunes68 on

    What does it say about Vinnie Vincent’s Merry Metal Christmas (price tag: $500) when they can’t even make the effort to proofread their own promo video? (Pro tip: it’s spelled “excellent” – not “excelent”!)

  • Rattlehead on

    About Vinnie’s appearance with KI$$, didn’t Gene once say “Can he come to the shows? Of course! Anybody can. But onstage? Never.”

    Is there even an Ankh Warrior costume pantsuit for Vinnie to wear on stage, if he’s allowed? :o)

  • wag daddy on

    Will NEVER happen with Vinnie….Ace/Peter in NY on the LAST show-definite MAYBE…

    • genesraccoonwig on

      Best Kiss songwriter the band has had for decades.
      For the marketing geniuses Paul and Gene supposedly are….they really have not thought this thru for the fans.

  • Shmoo on

    I don’t understand why people even talk about Vinnie Vincent. He was in the band for about 15 minutes at its least relevant point. He’s just a 60-something year old drug addict who was on the periphery of the faded fame of others many decades ago.

    • Doug R. on

      Vinnie co-wrote 3 songs on COTN, played guitar on more than half of the songs on that album, played a HUGE part in putting KISS back on the map in ’83 contributing co-writing 8 of the songs on the great Lick It Up album, and kicked ass on that tour as well! That’s why people still talk about Vinnie. Despite what Gene says, Vinnie WAS a member of KISS, albeit for less than 2 years. And let’s not forget about his contributions to the Revenge album as well.

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