pauldianno According to, in a recent interview, former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno compared bassist Steve Harris to Adolf Hitler, said he wrote “20-times better songs” than Harris’ and claimed Maiden is all about “money, money, money, money – nobody else counts.”

Di’Anno’s comments came during a press conference in Argentina last month. The singer was in the middle of a solo tour of the South American country.

A member of the audience questioned Di’Anno about his rumored drug use and asked whether it contributed to his departure from Maiden.

Di’Anno raged, “Where the fuck do you people get this from? I left Iron Maiden because they were going too heavy metal, and Iron Maiden is a money-making machine, and I don’t give a fuck about it. It was not about drugs; it was nothing like that.

Me and Steve [Harris]… I [wrote] the song Killers, Steve had [what he thought] were better songs. I thought his songs were shit. Nothing to do with drugs; nothing whatsoever. Check your facts or otherwise this interview is over… I hate that! I fucking hate that!

Because people… You say something but you don’t know. Well, I’m telling you. Iron Maiden is Steve Harris’ band. It doesn’t matter about anybody else – whether it’s Dave Murray, Clive [Burr], me… it’s Steve Harris’ band and all it is is money, money, money, money – nobody else counts.

And I wrote fuckin’ 20-times better songs than his, but I only got one song on the Killers album because it’s Steve’s – he must have this. Fuckin’ Adolf Hitler. I’m not interested. So there you go.

But you need to take drugs when you’re with Iron Maiden because they’re so fucking boring. And the only drugs were aspirin, because Steve [making hand gesture as if someone is speaking into his ear]… Fuckin’ headache.”

Watch video from the press conference below.

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  • Dan on

    I love DiAnno’s material with Maiden, but he is fat, washed up, angry loser pure and simple. He has made his “career” coasting off the Maiden albums he was on over 30 years ago. Called one of his bands “Killers”. Released a CD called “The Original Men of Iron”. Titled his bio “The Beast”. He is also a violent, drug-addled psychotic jerk who likes to slap women around. It’s a shame, because he’s got a cool voice and he was great in Maiden, but he couldn’t handle the range of the material they were starting to write, nor could he handle their tour schedule and work ethic. Like Axl Rose, his assholeness outshines any talent he might have left.

  • John Alonzo on

    For someone who left the band because he couldn’t hack it with all the touring they were doing around the world, angry because they are making millions without him. LOSER fits this bum. Iron Maiden has flourished with out this guy and now he’s pist, he songs suck I own one of his attempts and it s awful. GO BACK TO PRISON PAUL>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Mike Fleming on

    Sour grapes. Saw Maiden last summer (9th time total): Bruce might not quite be the singer he once was, but he’s still pretty damned good and the band has never played better. If Maiden was all about the $$$, they sure has hell wouldn’t still be writing such long epic songs — they’d be trying to get on the radio.

  • Matt Street on

    It’s a shame, really. I think the first two Maiden albums were great, and it’s so shitty that he’s acting butthurt about all of this.

  • Ryan B. on

    I love the first two Maiden albums. I loved Paul’s voice. I loved the mix of punk and hard rock bravado that he brought to the band. That being said, I think the rest of Iron Maiden stopped giving two shits what this guy had to say about 30+ years ago, and aren’t going to care about this. Paul obviously has some personality issues and struggles, and I’m guessing he just has bad days when it comes to answering questions from the “old days”. He may wake up tomorrow and rewatch that interview and think, “Well that was stupid of me.” It appears Maiden or Steve Harris, however Paul wants to word it, did a lot of wonderful things for Clive Burr all the way up to his death, so that is the only part of this Paul rant that really bothers me.

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