Hope you guys are all having a good week. This past Monday’s radio show was a blast with Zakk Wylde in studio. Zakk and I go way back and we always have a good hang on the radio talking sports, music and more. Zakk and BLS are headed out on Gigantour which is a great bill this year. Among the notable comments were when Zakk said he would be honored to play in Pantera if they ever called on him. But before anyone gets excited remember, there are HUGE issues that would need to be resolved first between the surviving members of the band. As you will see on TMS this week with Rex Brown he no longer speaks with Vinnie, and we all know of the Vinnie/Phil issues. So MUCH would need to be fixed before it ever would get to needing a guitarist. Also thanks to Katherine & Jon authors of Louder Than Hell for coming in. Great book! Also cool to catch up with Steve Blaze in this past Monday’s very busy show. To all those asking me why my show is not on the On Demand app I honestly do not know! I have asked several times. You are the customers so I would direct those questions to SiriusXM. I can only do the show as I do. Up to them 100% what they choose to do after that. Thanks.


Hope you all enjoyed episode 2 of the all new TMS with Stone Sour and more this past week. As you can see we did have a Top 5 and as usual the crazy reaction is everywhere. “What about……”. Kind of the whole point you can only pick 5! Of course there are a TON of people that could be on the list. It’s all opinion and all fun to spur debate, which it does! One more Top 5 coming in the next 6 new shows. We will revisit having it in all shows next time we tape which maybe will be in the Fall. This Saturday another ALL NEW episode (our 100th show!) with Rex Brown, Sebastian Bach and Vinnie Appice on drums! 11/10C on VH1 Classic! Please keep watching, spread the word, and let’s continue to grow TMS. Thanks!


Met with my publisher Monday to being to talk about a book tour for the release of Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Metal VOLUME 2! The official release date in 9/24 physical and digital wherever books are sold. Amazon already taking pre orders at less than the $19.99 list price. This book is the exact same format as my first, just with 35 all different bands/artists featured. Plans are being made now for me to hit the road for a signing tour upon release. I’ll hit as many cities as my publisher wants me to and will post all dates and venues when everything is set. Hope to see you all out there soon! Clearly I can’t get everywhere on the initial promo run, but will do my best to do other stuff down the road to connect as well for my books. Thanks to all who ordered or will order. Excited to have Vol 2 coming and I’ll post a full list of all bands featured in this space very soon.

If in Allentown PA area I will be selling and signing my first book this Saturday 6/15  from 3-4PM (I’ll of course stay past 4 if need be) at the grand opening of Gr8 Soundz, a brand new record store! The store is at 1055 Main St, Hellertown PA. Please note the store doesn’t open till this Saturday. Hope to see everyone. No purchase necessary so come by!

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  • jc red on

    I Just caught some of jim florentines new show on the boneyard,and they replay his show 2 other times during the week? Does he have a better agent? No offense to jim,but i don’t know how your show can’t get that same deal..It’s a really great show….As I’ve said before,great format…I’m emailing sirius/xm they gotta give you some proper dues,in my opinion.Numbers don’t lie so everyone out there who listens,give a shout to sirius for Ed.Tell sirius to stop treating the Trunk like a punk!!!! I grew up in south jersey,unfortunately I didn’t discover you until 7 yrs ago,scrolling through the music channels on dish…Better late than never!!!!

  • iceballs on

    Please do not do the Top 5 in every episode, i could do without it ever again. The show is the best it has even been by far this season be
    cause you got rid of the corny repetitive bits and added new things. it is way more entertaining! enough with the bits they have been beaten into the ground. I seen every episode, huge fan!

  • Ryan on

    I’ve always wanted to ask Zakk what his memories or lasting impressions are of getting to fill in for Dickey Betts when he got thrown in a NYC pokey in “93. He played in Boston with the Allman Bros. for an entire show. Some of it can be found on YouTube. I didn’t even know about that happening until a couple of years ago and I consider myself a pretty huge ABB fan but somehow I missed that. I thought Zakk did a pretty damn good job given the short amount of time he had to prepare. It is an interesting listen.


    Whipping Post w/ Zakk

  • Scott on

    Alright, dear Eddie Trunk fans, please get on the phone or email those twits at SiriusXM (bless thier hearts) and demand that Eddie be ON DEMAND. This is rediciulous. I love Eddie’s show, but sometimes i miss a segment….so, ON DEMAND would be great. In my humble opinion, there is no logical reason why he should not be ON DEMAND. I have 4 subscriptions to SiriusXM and I am tempted to cancel them all if they don’t get with it.

    Eddie Trunk RULES!!!!!!

  • Brad on

    I’m still trying to figure out how to hear Eddie’s Lita Ford interview. Serius just blows….they should have a way to listen to any Trunk interview…..he asks the right questions. I wish Eddie would ask why Bret Michaels was seen playing a dumpy Cheyenne Wyoming country bar in the trailer park distict, or why Cinderella and Ratt play dumpy clubs 2 miles from their 19,000 seat sold out ’87 gigs. Sad reality is financial things keep these guys on the road. It really blew my mind watching Peter Frampton play a country bar in Denver only up the highway from Mile High Stadium where he got 70,000 back in the day….and he was better in the bar! Does anybody actually see Quiet Riot with the drummer? Foreigner with zero original members? Skid Row with no SB? Warrant with ?. Sambora is gone. Bon Jovi should be Jon Bon Jovi now. 3 guys on the CD covers now, yikes. Tour ’13 video? RS or X? Doc must be glad he’s not in that mess.

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