juancroucier'sratlegacy640 Juan Croucier (Ratt), Pete Holmes (Black N’ Blue), Mike Moore and Toni Aleman have formed a new group. They will be performing as, Ratt’s Juan Croucier. The band will be playing songs from the Ratt catalog, exclusively.

Having solidified the core of the band (lead vocals, bass and drums), Juan and Pete set out to find the right guitar players for the group. After extensive auditions resulting from hundreds of submissions, they found two very talented guitar players in Mike Moore and Toni Aleman. Sharing the same passion, commitment and vision, they have been diligently rehearsing a set of over eighteen songs.

“We have left no stone unturned. We’ve been working long and hard. It’s all about the live show. We take this very seriously. Mike and Toni are simply killing it! There is a unique chemistry between the members of this band that is often so illusive. Our attention to detail has culminated in a fresh, energetic and modern twist on Ratt’s classic catalog of songs. I believe that anyone who loves Ratt will really enjoy this band too. I can’t wait to get out there and bring it to the people, after all they are the ultimate judges of our art,” says Croucier.

The band will begin performing in September and is currently booking additional shows.

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  • elliot goldberg on

    i’ll be forming a ratt tribute band on Thursday. tell the world.

    • Michael Monet on

      Not original enough. How about a RATT TRIBUTE RATT TRIBUTE BAND! That I’d go see. A guy pretending to be a guy pretending to be Stephen Percy. What about 4 guys in KISS make-up doing soul covers of RATT songs? I like RATT but this bastardization is despicable. Where is the market for this insanity? Truth be told, TONY IOMMI’S JETHRO TULL, I’d see in a heartbeat.

    • Doug R. on

      LMFAO! Elliot strikes again!

    • RandyK on

      YOU THINK YOU’RE TOUGH enough for that?

  • mike hardy on

    What’s next ,oh wait an Arcadia tribute band doing Arcadia songs and Ratt cover songs .Maybe they can open for the endless bad Zeppelin cover bands here in the Chicago area

    • DR Is Live on

      Maybe Arcadia can become a RATT Tribute Band?

  • T on

    Finally, an answer to WWJCD. What would Juan Croucier do?

  • Michael Monet on

    True story. About ten years ago up in the Catskills. Brian Howe was performing at an empty theme park and there were radio ads refering to him as BAD COMPANY lead singer Brian Howe and all the spots had Paul Rodgers songs sung by Paul Rodgers and I thought that that wasn’t very nice.

    • DR Is Live on

      ….and we know how much you love Paul Rodgers.

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