acefrehley300pix Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was guest on Eddie’s, Eddie Trunk Rocks, Q104.3 radio show to discuss to the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Induction.

Ace told Eddie that the original members of the band will not be playing at the induction and that he will not be attending the ceremony.

Listen to the entire interview below.

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  • Ole Morten Loever on

    Why on earth are HOF only inducting the original members? That is the real question here. Why will they not recognize Eric Carr, Bruce Culick, Mark St. John, Vinnie Vinsent, Eric Singer and Tommy Theyer? These guys have been huge parts of Kiss. Some of them have been in the band longer than the original members. Kiss is not only the original members, far from it. I also have fond memories of the original group. It is the original Kiss. It is a lot of nostalgic feelings and memories about that group. But it’s not the complete story. They were great. And the key word is WERE.. Ace and Peter had their chance and they blew it, twice… It’s no thanks to them that the group is still playing.
    i totally see why Paul is not playing with only Peter an Ace if Eric and Tommy is not invited. They can’t push Eric and Tommy out the door again like they did with Eric and Bruce. i totally understand that. Ok, maybe one single song would work. But how would they do that? would we have two cat-men and two space-men in full gear? That would be weired, would it not?
    I don’t understand why so many Kiss fans are angry with Paul and Gene over this. If anything, we should be angry with HOF for not recognizing Kiss, but only the original members. i would also love to see some sort of reunion. But it would have to be on the terms of the current line-up.

  • Charlie on

    This is just a great out for Paul. He won’t have to ‘show’ his fractured voice to the world and uses Ace and Peter as scapegoats. Very disappointed. Kinda like the day I found out about santa…life goes on the the magic is gone.

  • vin on

    vinnie the wiz vincent should jam out instant replay at the cock and balls hall of shame. gene. suck it fucker!!!

  • shadez on

    OK I never do this, I do not post on sites full of know it all morons (Trunk Included) but I have sat back for months now and listened to the garbage being thrown around between the 2 sides of the KISS camp, and frankly I cant take being silent anymore.

    !st off, the HOF (or SHAME) Its my belief that NONE of them should show up. They were ignored for 15 years and NOW they are good enough? They should all say F-U! and walk away from the HOF.

    2nd, KISS, and I cannot stress this enough (EDDIE) the band IS…IS…IS Paul and Gene, always has been and always will be. Say what you will about the egos etc. etc. the fact remains that EVERY song in the catalog that has ever mattered to the masses, has been sung by Paul or Gene. Until recent years when his voice went out, Paul was the only good vocalist in the band (Eric Singer being a great backup guy of course) but as far as a pure vocalist, Paul was it. Gene brought a growling sound to the table which would not have worked without the Demon character. Paul was the Kick A$$ front man, Gene was the demonic, scary freak show that made KISS cool and scary. Now I ask you, just what in hell did Ace or Peter bring? A brutal ballad and some tone deaf singing about space that the MASSES really do not even know.

    3rd, How many chances do you give a lost cause or a couple of lost causes? Ace and Pete admittedly threw away the best thing that ever happened to them. They chose drugs and alcohol over sustained success. They couldn’t be bothered to record on albums or were too drunk and high to do so. They get thrown a few more chances, the REUNION, bitching and complaining the whole way, falling back into bad habits and being physically unable to keep up. I was actually right outside the door of a hotel room in Bismarck, ND for a reunion show. Inside was Gene, Ace, Pete and at least 1 attorney. The gist of the conversation was crying about equal earnings…ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!?? they took a decade off to destroy their brain cells and get invited back and want to be equals???

    4th, this one burns me up. In recent days we have heard BOTH Ace and Pete come out with statements telling anyone who will listen that KISS is disgraceful, they don’t care about the fans, and what the KISS fans want is a 1 night show at the HOF with the original lineup. Well…I am 40, I have been a HUGE KISS fan since I was about 5 yrs. old, I dressed up like them and danced around to their music with cardboard cut out guitars, posters on my wall, all the albums, many concerts, followed every single lineup…so what I am saying is IM A FAN! and I DO NOT want that original lineup for 1 night or 1 song. They were great in the 70’s and sucked on the Reunion. In fact I was a bit pissed about the Reunion cuz I loved the Revenge look and sound. yes it was cool to get the nostalgia of it all, but I would have preferred was after that, go back to non make up and bring Bruce and Eric back. My point is Pete and Ace need to quit speaking for “the fans” cuz we are not all on that side.

    5th, Did anybody hear the contradiction in the Ace interview? Begins saying he cant let this get to him, just needs to let it roll off his back…and ends with him saying “the gloves are off” and something following about I got my second book coming out…ummm GROW UP! That’s right, write another book acting like a child, throwing garbage, airing dirty laundry, you and Pete have that down to a science. When Paul and Gene made comments it was answering questions by the media (like why no more Ace and Peter?) But these clowns go out of their way to cry sour grapes, but I guess they have to cuz their music sure as hell wont get them any press. I’ll be interested to read Paul’s book, could easily take the high road but I wouldn’t blame him for setting things straight.

    Back to the HOF, I believe every living and passed on member should be represented. I do not believe an honored band should be playing anyway, you don’t tribute yourself. Glavine and Maddux will not be pitching at the baseball HOF this year will they?

    I don’t like posting this anger because I’m a peaceful guy, I believe people have a right to their opinions and a right to do what is right for themselves but man this has gotten me pissed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this never gets posted because I am NOT on Trunks side. But I will end with this. Eddie…you can leave the invite on every interview, every website, and every episode of TMS, but openly thumping your chest for Ace and Peter, drawing your own conclusions based on what they tell you and what you hear in the media? Any fool can see you’re on 1 side here, you are not conducting yourself like an impartial journalist, and you are not always right (no matter how much you think you are) and what you and your boys Ace and Peter believe to be the “fans”, is really just a small group of diehards. The fact remains Tommy and Eric in the makeup is working just fine, I am curious, how many fans do Ace and Peter play to in comparison? how about music sales? you have a right to your opinion…even if it is wrong. I have not cared for the last few KISS albums, really not since Revenge. But that has nothing to do with lineup, it is just me not liking the direction and rock or metal music is going. But that said, I am guessing 2 guys are doing well, and 2 guys are just scraping by…I will let you figure that one out.

  • shadez on

    Guns N Roses
    Van Halen
    Black Sabbath
    Fleetwood Mac
    Judas Priest
    Skid Row
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Motley Crue

    All have something in common with KISS, lineup changes, it is part of music people. Grow up, get a life and just be glad you have the band still standing…Damn!

    • Steve on

      All of those bands have one thing in common………They did not have to worry about being photographed without their trademark makeup on! Like the original KISS did.

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