EddieVanHalen400 Guitar icon Eddie Van Halen turned 61 yesterday, January 26th, and guess who sent him a tweet to wish him a “Happy Birthday”?

If you guessed former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, give yourself a pat on the back. But, even more surprising? Van Halen sent a tweet back. See their online exchange below.

Happy Birthday Eddie – hope you’re doing good. #5150time #BestOfBothWorlds pic.twitter.com/SwTKiwGkXt

— Sammy Hagar (@sammyhagar) January 26, 2016

@sammyhagar Thanks Sammy. Hope you’re well too.

— Eddie Van Halen (@eddievanhalen) January 26, 2016

Perhaps, the tap master and the red rocker are ready to bury the hatchet? Only time will tell.

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  1. Hey Lorne
    I understand where your coming from but Sammy’s acknowledgement of old VH was almost nonexistent
    The 5150 tour he did 2 songs
    I saw that tour , the shows were over 2 hrs and we got cover songs plus Sammy solo songs instead of VH songs
    Most of these tours with Sammy got you 2 VH songs
    The Balance tour , we got 1
    The best set they did was in 2004 but it was terrible , we all know it
    2 reasons Dave does not do Sammy era
    He can’t sing like that
    And I really don’t think he likes them a whole lot

  2. Sammy, David, David, Sammy, blah, blah, blah….. It’s all portrayed hype to get people fired up and generate interest or basically sales for the band. Behind the scenes they are all businessmen working together. Once a band starts fading off into the sunset, all of a sudden here comes some positive or negative news about current and ex band members. Bottom line, when they need MORE money they throw some contract together and rip off people with pricy concert prices and garbage swag. They always say, “it’s not for the money,” then okay do some free shows for the fans you supposedly love so much. I haven’t seen a free show yet. Matter of fact, ticket prices are very costly with a lot of lead singers rambling on stage instead of cranking out tunes. We pay for live music not some lead singers political view of a current event. Wake up people – we have enough sheeple in the world. There is not bad blood between these guys, just money laundering contracts.

  3. Yes, ticket prices are up high, but the music business is nothing like it once was. Making money at it has become very difficult. We don’t go much because of the cost. Winery Dogs were our last one and they were very reasonable. I love all of Van Halen, both versions. Hope they can at least get along. Get sick of all the anger.

  4. I like both versions of Van Halen for different reasons.
    It is quite disturbing how many fans disregard Sammy Hagar. Judas Priest the dude was in Montrose not too mention his very successful solo career. To say Sammy Hagar needs anyone is just plain stupid.
    Also as of this moment, Sammy has more to give than DLR vocally, that’s not bragging & it’s not bashing. It’s simple reality at this stage of their lives. I’ve seen Sammy twice in the last 3 years and he was at the top of his game.
    Add that the album OU812 was full of some straight forward kick ass rock and roll.

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