eddietrunk Wendy Jasper-Martinez of KNAC.com spoke with Eddie about his career, his new book and the rock scene. Portions of the article appear below.

[As] a seasoned metal journalism veteran, Trunk began his career in radio, spent time working for Megaforce records in the late 80’s and has recently celebrated 30 years with Q104 in New York City. He is also an established metal historian and author and has completed his new book, a sequel to his first bestseller, Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

“It’s a continuation of the first book and it has all new bands and histories, discographies and photos and it’s simply titled Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Volume II. I started as a writer and even while going into radio and television, I have continued to write. I actually just got to see it before going to press and I know we will have a book tour planned as well.”

All of Trunk’s passion for metal is what lead him to That Metal Show. The show has been integral in helping keep metal in the United States alive. Trunk thinks that it is important to be as diverse as possible in the field which is why he has stayed with radio in addition to the show and has worked so hard to make TMS a success.

“Right now, the scene and rock in general is fairly healthy, but it is not as healthy as people may think and there is so much more to be done to get the word out. There are still a ton of bands that really struggle and just because you had a hit record in the 80’s doesn’t mean you are set for life like so many people would think. The touring market is very competitive and we are in an age where people are not paying for music so while there are some encouraging signs, we still have a long way to go,” he said.

With that said, it stands that TMS has been a big factor in helping fans keep up with artists that may not be as visible as they once were. For example, the last season featured guitarist John Sykes, a revered player that not many people have been able to keep up with. This new season will also feature some familiar faces that fans have been wondering about like Tom Keifer, Jake E. Lee, and members of KIX, who recently released a live album through Frontier’s Records.

“I hope that I can help create awareness of these artists and put them and their careers in a respectful light. Good journalism is about asking good questions, going in depth, and treating the artist with class and respect. I am lucky that people care about what music I play and what guests we have on the show and I think we should try to shine light where we can,” Trunk said.

Read more at KNAC.com.

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  • Eric on

    New York is known for the Statue of Liberty..Maybe they should put one up of eddie holding up a guitar! Kudos to you Eddie for keeping the torch of heavy metal/hard rock alive! You have a great show (its nice to see a music channel that actually plays music!). Im a 70s and 80s guy (kiss fan since 75). Seeing that I had to put up with the crap in the 90s, I feel fortunate that I grew up in a period where music was good! Thanks Ed and keep rockin!

  • Henry Garza on

    I have limited knowledge of you. I have heard you before on the radio. I listened to you yesterday (6/17/13) and I was impressed with your knowledge of classic rock bands. The bands that I listened to when I was growing up in the 80’s. Its good to know that there is someone out there that can appreciate the music that our generation grew up and is a promoter of it also. I don’t blame the record execs promoting the kind of music that is popular now. They know that kids have the most disposable money to throw away so that’s what is on the air and tv. That being said, now my question, what has happened to the group LA Guns. I had a friend bring them to a small club in Laredo,Tx some time ago. Are they still together? Whats up with them? Thanks for you time Eddie,

    • Eddie on

      As always when wondering about any band Google them. Many need your help and it couldn’t be easier to find out. LA Guns is active and alive and did a new album last year, all without Tracii. Thanks.

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