Joseph Hudak of the Nashville Scene spoke with our very own Eddie Trunk about the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. The brief interview appear below in its entirety.

Nashville Scene: Are you surprised they asked you to become a voter?

ET: Yeah, pretty much. There has been some dialogue with those guys over the last few years about doing something and possibly getting involved in their boards and committees, because they are aware of how vocally against it I was. I’ll give them credit: They could have easily swept me away, but at least they did listen, and they did want to try to do something to get my voice involved.

Nashville Scene: How’d it happen?

ET: It was really Tom Morello who got me in there. Tom has been a voter for a little while and is a friend. There are a few times over the last few years that Tom has called me up and asked me some questions about bands that I think should have gone in, or should this person be inducted if this band goes in. Things like that. Tom finally said, “Hey, why don’t we just try to get him in?” One day I got a call from the Hall of Fame, and they said, “Tom Morello gave us your information, and said he thought you’d be good to be on the voting panel. Are you interested?” My initial reaction was to tell them to go to hell. But then I was like, “Well, that’d be kind of stupid. Because if I’m sitting here railing against this thing, and now I have an opportunity to make a difference, that would be counterproductive.”

Nashville Scene: So who deserves consideration next year?

ET: When it comes to heavy metal, I think Judas Priest is the second-most important band to Black Sabbath. You can make a case for Def Leppard, for Foreigner, for Motörhead and Lemmy, when you’re talking about influence. Talking about ’70s music, Foreigner, Journey, Boston, The Cars — so many of these bands have still been ignored. And Thin Lizzy. When you start dabbling in the ’80s, you look at Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe. If Guns N’ Roses went in first time, first ballot, really off the strength of [Appetite for Destruction], you gotta say to yourself, “How is Def Leppard or Bon Jovi not in that conversation?” I have my passions, but I know well enough to separate my personal tastes versus what makes sense. People were surprised that on this year’s ballot I voted for Chicago. I don’t crank up Chicago records, but when I look at that ballot, they absolutely deserved to be in. I take the responsibility very seriously.

source: nashvillescene.com

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  • Doug R. on

    PAT BENATAR!! I know the HOF is “Out-A-Touch,” but her & Neil deserve to be in!

  • Donald Pudas on

    I don’t even like Bon Blowme but they’re huge and still work and sold gazzilions. I’d like to add Iron Maiden to Metal with Priest and Sabbath. Steve Harris got that band going in the mid 70’s and they still tour and record. They break record attendances. Google Maiden tattoos and tell me they aren’t an influence on musicians and listeners alike.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Jane’s Addiction should’ve been in right away

    • Dana on

      To each their own, but I do not concur with that statement, at all. They should have been indicted right away over bands such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Classic Rainbow???

      I don’t think so, because without those groups to pave the way, there would be no Jane’s Addiction. I am sure Dave Navarro, himself, would agree with that statement.

  • Dana on

    I am sure I will take some heat for this opinion, while Judas Priest is a given, and should have been in a LONG time ago, I would induct Whitesnake, long before I would ever consider, Motley Crue. Might I add, I LOVE Tommy Lee, so that is not a slight to M.C..

    I would love to see Sykes get some recognition for the ‘87 album, which was the band’s most successful selling record. However, I will admit that, Slide It In, is my favorite, and that was recorded pre-Sykes.

    D 🙂

  • Coredrum on

    Motley Crue and Bon Jovi had moments but not HOF worthy…who did they influence?? And don’t talk longevity because both are living off of music from 30 years ago…Judas Priest and Maiden should be in…

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