diodevilhorns400Universal will release the deluxe edition of Dio’s Dream Evil album on March 4th.

Dream Evil is Dios fourth album and was originally released on July 21st, 1987. It features former Rough Cutt members Craig Goldy and Claude Schnell and was drummer Vinny Appice’s last album with the singer. The record  includes the singles All The Fools Sailed Away and I Could Have Been a Dreamer.

This new 2-CD deluxe edition comes with a bonus disc contains other tracks from the band’s triumphant show at Monsters Of Rock. .

Disc One

1. Night People
2. Dream Evil
3. Sunset Superman
4. All The Fools Sailed Away
5. Naked In The Rain
6. Overlove
7. I Could Have Been A Dreamer
8. Faces In A Window
9. When A Woman Cries

Disc Two

1. Hide In The Rainbow (Dio EP)
2. I Could Have Been A Dreamer (Single Edit)
3. Dream Evil (Castle Donington – 22/08/87)
4. Neon Nights
5. Naked In The Rain
6. Rock N Roll Children
7. Long Live Rock N Roll
8. The Last In Line
9. Holy Diver
10. Heaven And Hell
11. Man On The Silver Mountain
12. All The Fools Sailed Away
13. The Last In Line (Reprise)
14. Rainbow In The Dark


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  1. First I want to say the Original LP/CD is fantastic but this Deluxe Edition is a waste of money because if you already have the original cd & live at donnington 83 & 87 cd then you have all but 2 songs here.
    plus if you have best of the beast vol 2 you also will have hide in the rainbow, so you’ll be spending all this money for everything you already have.

    Now if you don’t have those 3 cd’s listed above then go out and get this.

  2. Slight correction from my last post. I was looking at the wrong compilation when I said Hide In The Rainbow was on Very Beast of Dio Vol 2, it is not sorry about that.

  3. Totally different ? Does anyone know if it will ever be released the 1st Castle Donnington show from 1980 with Rainbow as the headliner? Bonnet was the singer i have the lp with the scorpians , riot, april wine & saxon, also there. Would love to have that whole show The version of Stargazer is awesome!.

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