DefLeppard640 Def Leppard have released another track from their self titled album, due out October 30th through earMUSIC. Listen to Dangerous below.

Def Leppard also released a video for the song Let’s Go, watch it here.

The track listing for Def Leppard is as follows:

1. Let’s Go
2. Dangerous
3. Man Enough
4. We Belong
5. Invincible
6. Sea Of Love
7. Energized
8. All Time High
9. Battle Of My Own
10. Broke ‘N’ Brokenhearted
11. Forever Young
12. Last Dance
13. Wings Of An Angel
14. Blind Faith


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  • Doug Lerenthie on

    Pete Willis was the guy Def Leppard fired for not having enough talent with a guitar. But the guy wrote all the huge hits! The same ones that fill the setlist at every def lep concert. Why can’t theae guys figure out they can’t write a hit? It’s only been 30 years ? Put down your ego Joe and Rehire Pete Willis to write the next one! He has been sitting around since 82, probably has tons of songs.

  • Michael B on

    I like it. It sounds very Hyseria – ish. Guitar riffs are cool, etc…

    I think people get caught up in those first three albums and think that Def Leppard was a metal or hard rock band. They’ve said numerous times, even recently, that they had more in common with pop bands like Duran Duran than they did Black Sabbath. Like most bands, their early albums were part of an evolution into the kind of music they wanted to play, which was obviously not metal or hard rock.

    Of course my favorite is till Pyromania, but then time marches on. I think it’s cool they’re still around.

    • MetalMania on

      Because for the first 3 albums Def Leppard WAS a hard rock band! And it’s how many of us got turned onto the band, and that’s the era of their sound that we like the most. Then they changed – regardless of whether that was the plan all along or not it was a departure from what got their fan base started. But, you can’t deny that the direction they went it was very lucrative and brought them massive success. I’m glad they’re still around, but I don’t really get amped up to hear their new stuff anymore.

  • chad bormann on

    “let’s go,” is classic leppard, sounds like it’s straight of adrenalize or hysteria. i saw them 3 weeks ago, and even though elliot said they wouldn’t play anything live off the new album, i was hoping against hope to hear it, i think it’s that good. this second release “dangerous?” sounds like pure filler to me, like they didn’t even try.

    • elliot goldberg on

      thank you chad for name checking me, I’m flattered.

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