RitchieBlackmore640 Nearly two decades after a switch to medieval music, former Deep Purple and Rainbow co-founder Ritchie Blackmore says he might play rock again – but not for long.

“Just for a few days, next June,” Blackmore reveals, in a new interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien.. “But for now, I’m not decided on the persons I want to work with. I’ve got a good idea about the ideal candidates, but it wouldn’t be fair to say anything now. I will know exactly in one month who I want to have in this band to play Deep Purple and Rainbow songs. We will probably play three or four shows in June; that’s all.”

“I think that [former Rainbow singer] Joe [Lynn Turner] will not be part of the adventure, and he doesn’t know it yet,” Blackmore counters. “He does his thing, I like him, and I made good albums and good songs with him, like Street of Dreams. But I’m thinking about doing a mixture in the band, with famous people and not so famous ones. That’s my state of mind at the moment, and you’re the first person I talk to about it.”

When the journalist thanked Blackmore for the scoop, he stated “there should be about three or four people who might be interested.”

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  1. Det Pak,

    I agree 100% that Blackmore is the greatest guitarist in the history of hard rock. And its a shame that he hasn’t played hard rock in 20 years.

    I thought I heard Coverdale say that Blackmore delined the Purple album. I’ll have to dig out my Classic Rock mag from a few months ago. It’s probably for the best. While it would’ve been awesome for DC and Blackmore to tour on the MKIII material, an album of re-recordings is completely unnecessary.

  2. Glad to hear that Blackmore might be returning to rock for a few nights (headlining a festival show for MAJOR cash?), but without Ian Gillan (an impossibility!) or Joe Lynn Turner, it’s already doomed to be mediocre at best.

    1. If Blackmore’s playing Deep Purple / Rainbow songs again, as long as the singer is capable, I think it’ll sound great.

      Dougie White had a decent brief stint as Rainbow singer. There’s always Jeff Scott Soto too.

    1. I guess Im in the Minority ? I liked the JLT fronted Rainbow as well as the Dio version but wouldnt call myself a fan of Rainbow . Deep Purple yes when I was a kid . As for RBs guitar prowess in 76 ? I can only say EVH was the real badass at the time just my own opinion of course no insult intended !

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