Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth began off his Las Vegas residency Wednesday night (January 8th) with a 15-song set that included ten Van Halen classics and five songs from his solo career, reports blabbermouth.net.

Roth’s reported set list is as follows:

1.  You Really Got Me (Kinks cover) 
2.  Big Train 
3.  Unchained 
4.  Just Like Paradise 
5.  Atomic Punk 
6.  Dance The Night Away 
7.  Mean Street 
8.  California Girls (Beach Boys cover) 
9.  Tobacco Road (John D. Loudermilk cover) 
10. Jamie’s Cryin’ 
11. Beautiful Girls 
12. Panama 
13. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 
14. Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody ( Irving Caesar, Leonello Casucci / Roger Graham, Spencer Williams covers) 
15. Jump

David Lee Roth’s backing band consisted of:

Al Estrada from the Van Halen tribute band Eruption
Rhythm guitarist Frankie Lindri,
Bassist Ryan Wheeler
Keyboardist Danny Wagner
Drummer Mike Mussleman

Watch some fan filmed footage below.


In other Roth news, the singer will be opening up for KISS on final leg of their End Of The Road tour.

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  1. I think DLR sounds terrible on these songs. It’s painful to listen to them. I enjoyed the music, but the singing just really ruins it for me. I know DLR was never considered a great vocalist, but I always enjoyed his voice on the early VH albums. Personally, I liked his singing/voice better than Hagar’s singing/voice. But I think today’s DLR, sadly, can’t do it anymore. And while I think he’s always been a great showman, no amount of showmanship can “save” DLR’s vocal performance.

    When DLR opens for KI$$ later this year, DLR’s dismal vocal abilities are gonna make Paul Stanley appear like a strong vocalist, rather than the struggling vocalist he truly is…..

  2. Dave sounds like Dave live to me, I think he`s entertaining. I could name quite a few big names that sing worse but know one gives them s–t, its ironic. Has anybody seen Ozzy live ? I mean he sucks canal water live but he`s Ozzy so he gets a pass . Anybody here Vince Neil live ? Jesus Christ how do people stand to listen to that mumbling bulls–t . Dave has always been as good as his backup vocals and without Michael it`s a sound different for sure. No bulls–t here,I think if MA was playing bass. and singing backup for him right now, Dave would sound more like what people would expect from him. Alot of people in my opinion don`t recognize how essential Michaels vocals were to Van Halen, thus leading to all this criticism.

    I`m flying out to Vegas for his last residency gig. I `m hoping for a guest musician or 2 thats why I picked the last date. I think it would be super cool if Michael came out to one of his gigs and did some songs with him. I know dream on,lol.

    1. Ray,

      I agree, Anthony’s backing vocals were an extremely important part of the Van Halen sound. Safe travels and enjoy the show.

      D ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Safe Vegas travels, Ray! My wife, son, and I were just there for New Years, and we saw Journey perform at their residency. We’re thinking of attending an Aerosmith show during their Vegas residency, but I don’t know….for different reasons, my wife and I aren’t overly fond of their setlist…..

    3. Spot on about Mr. Anthony….
      From now on, Dave should sing in a lower key – the high notes are brutal.

  3. I actually don’t think that’s that bad. I’ve certainly heard a LOT worse. He’s hamming it up, but he’s hitting the notes he’s going for. You’re never going to get a straight read from the guy live, we know that, so I’m not sure what people expect at this point.

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