Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth began off his Las Vegas residency Wednesday night (January 8th) with a 15-song set that included ten Van Halen classics and five songs from his solo career, reports blabbermouth.net.

Roth’s reported set list is as follows:

1.  You Really Got Me (Kinks cover) 
2.  Big Train 
3.  Unchained 
4.  Just Like Paradise 
5.  Atomic Punk 
6.  Dance The Night Away 
7.  Mean Street 
8.  California Girls (Beach Boys cover) 
9.  Tobacco Road (John D. Loudermilk cover) 
10. Jamie’s Cryin’ 
11. Beautiful Girls 
12. Panama 
13. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 
14. Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody ( Irving Caesar, Leonello Casucci / Roger Graham, Spencer Williams covers) 
15. Jump

David Lee Roth’s backing band consisted of:

Al Estrada from the Van Halen tribute band Eruption
Rhythm guitarist Frankie Lindri,
Bassist Ryan Wheeler
Keyboardist Danny Wagner
Drummer Mike Mussleman

Watch some fan filmed footage below.

In other Roth news, the singer will be opening up for KISS on final leg of their End Of The Road tour.

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  • MikeyMan on

    You Really Lost Me

  • D.J.H on


    I told you Sammy could sing…..

  • Doug R. on

    Good band, bad singer! (Sorry Dave, but the pipes are shot!) If that’s all Dave has left, he’s going to make Paul sound really, really good! I wonder what Elvis thinks?
    That guitarist (Estrada) I gotta say, holy sh-t!! That dude is f–king awesome!!! Even EVH must be impressed!

    • Dana on

      I agree, the band is very good. Dave sure knows how to spot talent.

    • Doug R. on

      The setlist looks good, surprised though no Yankee Rose, and only 15 songs.

  • RTunes68 on

    Dave was never a “great” singer in the traditional sense. A lot of those stories about how great he was in ’78 and ’79 and in the early ’80s are more legend than actual fact. And, yes, his voice as deteriorated with age. And, no, he doesn’t sound any worse here than he has in the past decade. All that said, I just don’t understand why Dave doesn’t sing all these songs at a lower register that suits him. Of all these clips, he probably sounds best in “Mean Streets” because he’s singing in his sweet-spot low register. Instead, for the past 10+ years, he’s been trying to sing in a register that’s way out of his range. In fact, he keeps trying to sing most of these songs at a higher register than he did on the albums. What results is the voice of a tone-deaf frog croaking out lyrics.

    C’mon, Dave. Gimme a break. Sing these songs in a lower register. You’ll sound better!

    • Dana on

      I remember watching reaction videos from these two guys on youtube that I liked, called Lost In Vegas, and they, no pun intended, lost their minds over Aint Talkin’ Bout Love. But I always remembered Ryan’s comment about Dave was, “I can’t say he is the most dynamic singer, but he has a lot of charisma.” I think that the consensus has always been, that Mr. Roth is more of showman, than a singer.

    • Tyger of Pan Tang on

      Kudos Dana to you for liking Lost in Vegas!

      Reaction videos are usually a dime a dozen, but those guys amaze me for being spot on.

    • Dana on


      Yes, I LOVE those boys (Ryan and George-Free Thinkers), their enthusiasm is infectious, and I love that they dig Priest. 🙂 They are the only reaction videos that I watch, and I give them so much credit, because they are far more open minded than I ever will be.

      D 🙂

  • Real Paul Stanley on

    Alright listen. You know, I just gotta tell ya. I said people!! I just gotta tell ya, if you thought I was bad over the past 10 years. If you thought I was bad over the last 10 years. Well, now ya knowewohewohewohew know why Diamond Dave is opening up for KISS!

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