As previously reported, Whitesnake have re-released their Greatest Hits album by having it revised, remixed and remastered.

Below is a clip of David Coverdale discussing how Still of The Night came to be, and how instrumental [Dana’s note: Pun intended ;)], guitarist John Sykes was to taking the song to another level.

To read more about this special release, please click here.

In other Whitesnake news, the band will be going on tour with the Scorpions starting August 21st in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and winding down on October 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada, see the entire tour here.

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  • Dana on

    Darn right he should, ❤️ Sykes ❤️ is super talented. 🙂 😉

    • D.J.H on

      No bias from you Dana I see….!!

      I will say one thing, and I don’t wish to sound vain: I really wish I had David Coverdale’s hair!!

      To think he’s pushing 71 and there’s no trickery going on with it; and he proved it on UK TV a few years ago.

    • Dana on

      LOL!! Well my sweet friend, I have never denied I was not biased when it comes to Mr. Sykes.

      I whole heartedly admit that my love for him is unending, and in his youth, I thought he was the most handsome man on earth. Thankfully, his talent was as great as his beauty (unlike some of the other “ornaments,” as my ex used to love to call them-LOL). Don’t get me wrong, I will also admit that in Coverdale’s prime, I thought he had one of the best, and sexist, voices in rock.

      As for his hair, bless him, but I think Ozzy’s may outdo (no pun intended) Coverdale. Of course, that is if Ozzy’s is all real (meaning no extensions woven in to enhance his own locks).

  • Doug R. on

    1 of the greatest riffs ever! And it doesn’t need to be remixed! (Eye roll) Just leave it alone!!

  • Ray Gillen on

    I like Dave but when he talks about Sykes it annoys the hell out of me . John is a super talented guitar player and song writer but I fired him , lol . WTF . John took us to a new level but, I fired him . John had a great onstage presence but, I fired him . Dave would have double the money he has now if he wouldn`t have fired him. Imagine how much money would have been made off the next album which turned out to be the first Blue Murder album ? Crazy . Then he had to hire 2 guitar players to replace him , great move Dave. I remember seeing Vandenberg playing Johns songs at day on the green in oakland and thinking why did you downgrade to this dude.

    • Dana on


      If I could upvote your comment a thousand times, I would.

      I remember reading an interview with Coverdale, (sadly I don’t remember the source, because it was so long ago, maybe, Metal Edge?) where he admitted that after he had hired him, Sykes met his mother.

      Coverdale then recounted that his mother asked him, “Is that your new guitar player?” and he replied “Yes.” She then said, “You will never get any women with him standing beside you” and David apparently laughed after admitting what his mother had said.

      I have a very hard time believing that did not affect him. I am sure it had to have left him with a slightly bitter taste in his mouth.

    • jeff weaver on

      Every time I’ve seen David Coverdale talk about Sykes, he always has positive things to say.
      It seems during that period Mr. Coverdale may have separated himself from the rest of the band. Whitesnake were already a well oiled machine in 1984 when Sykes was hired. Maybe Coverdale thought of him as an employee and didn’t like the fact that Sykes and Cozy Powell were hanging out so much together, having a good time on the road during the “Slide It In” tour. He had his sights on breaking big in the U.S. I also heard that John would frequently show up at the last minute when they were playing gigs and Coverdale was a bag of nerves wondering if he would show up.
      Sometimes I think Mr. Sykes shot himself in the foot too much during his career.

    • Dana on


      Sykes is not perfect, but neither is anyone else.

      The rumors surrounding his dismissal stemmed after Coverdale was suffering throat issues while trying to make the next record (which I believe was the one after the ’87 album, that became Blue Murder’s debut). It was alleged that Sykes was trying to take over the band, who knows? Sykes claims he was fired, flew over from the UK and ended up chasing Coverdale down with his car. Adrian Vandenberg told Eddie he was present in the studio, recording over some of Sykes’ solos, when the argument exploded.

      I will say this, Coverdale has had a track record of having a revolving door of musicians, and if Sykes was trying to undermine him, by taking over his band, that is tacky. So, I am sure neither one was an angel. However, I cannot help but think Coverdale’s mother’s comment about Sykes’ looks, planted a negative seed in Coverdale’s mind, and everything Sykes did going forward, was judged in a far harsher manner, and with some underlying contempt.

  • J J on

    I may be mistaken, but thought the firing was as a result of some intimate issues between Coverdale’s wife and Sykes…..

    • Dana on

      Not sure if that was also a rumor…

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