Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, discusses his current relationship with his former Metallica bandmates, with Heavy Consequence‘s Greg Prato.

Metallica’s former bassist Ron McGovney recently offered praise to Mustaine, while tweeting about the the band’s early demo No Life ‘Til Leather, writing, “Dave Mustaine just kills it on this tape … He leaves the rest of us in the dust.”

In response Dave said, ““Well, I’ve always loved Ron. And I was pretty vocal about how I felt when we would come home from the Bay Area, [and frontman] James [Hetfield] and [drummer] Lars [Ulrich] would always pick on Ron. … And it made me resent James and Lars . They’re drinking vodka from a jug with a handle on it and spitting food into each other’s mouth in the back of a truck, and I’m watching this – they take one of Ron’s shoes and throw it out the back of the truck. And they’re expensive high-tops. And even if they weren’t, that’s f–ked up. So, I’ve always liked Ron and I hated the fact that he got in between trying to protect James when I popped him in the mouth. But we’ve stayed friends ever since.”

He continued, “It took a while for James and Lars and I to kind of come around and become friends again. But I would say we’re probably better off now than we’ve been for a long time. And it comes and goes. I think the emotions between all of us, it’s probably understandable for a lot of people who break up with someone, it’s like a marriage and you part ways and sometimes you try and justify in your head the decision that you make. And sometimes the facts are all you need, and other times you feel compelled to kinda tell the story and you don’t really need to. And then there are people who tell the story and then add little salacious facts – like a tape recorder that has a feature to add stuff that never happened. So, I just look at that whole period with Metallica as something that was really great for me. And I wish them the best.”

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  1. Mustaine will always be “butt hurt” by Meh-tallica’s commercial success. He should focus more on Megadeth’s accomplishments, like being awarded a Grammy and selling over 30 million albums worldwide

    He was a strong influence to Meh-tallica in their early days, and I think Mustaine really helped Meh-tallica gain traction cuz of his skill as a guitarist and a songwriter.

    I hope Mustaine is being truthful about his positive relationships with his ex-Meh-tallica bandmates…..cuz sometimes he can be passive aggressive……and a huge a$$hole. But the guy knows how to write great riffy songs, so…….

    1. ‘Why can’t we ALL just get along’-Rodney King

      We can ALL sometimes be passive aggressive……and a huge a$$hole. Best thing for him and James and Lars and Kirk and Lizzo and Miley and Ariana and Ozzy…………stay/get sober.

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