coneyhatch2013 Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the digital release of the first single from Coney Hatch new album Four entitled Blown Away. Watch the video below.

The single can be downloaded now from every fine shop such as iTunes or Amazon and streamed legally via Spotify and Deezer. Samples of some songs from the forthcoming album can be heard below.

Coney Hatch’s new album Four will be released on September 24th in North America and September 27th in Europe and marks the first record of new material in over two decades. Four is chalked full of the unique brand of melodic riff-rock that first brought the band to the attention of critics and rock fans all over the world.

Coney Hatch - Four

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  1. Lookin forward to this
    Thanks for posting !
    These guys got caught in the 80’s and didn’t do the hair scene . Unfortunately the 70’s straight up r & r fans thought bands like this were just rehashed bands of the 70’s that they did like . Bands like shooting star, billy squier ,april wine , etc. that made some really great music , got screwed !!

    1. Many were underrated. Coney Hatch is just one of the more criminally underrated like Billy Squier and Zebra.

    2. Geez Bigsled I hate to agree with you, but I actually do for once. Specifically regarding April Wine. Most Americans don’t have a clue who they are. April Wine was/is an incredible Rock n Roll band who put out huge arena rock music for years. Nature of the Beast is still one of my favs to this day.

    3. Totally agree, Nature of the Beast has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, classic album.

    1. Agreed Eddie !

      Ya know as I stated above younger fans in the 80’s took more to the metal bands but yet supported Tesla ; straight up rock n roll, no frills band , didnt dress or look like the motley crue’s ….
      Yet all these bands we are mentioning got nothing ?? Like I said I see why the 70’s fans didnt care about these bands because they thought they were clones of the 70’s bands …

  2. This song is okay, but I keep waiting for him to say…AND YOU, SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG….YEAH YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG…..I swear I wont tell Young, Young and Johnson.

  3. Hey OZZY, not for nothing that drummer looks a little fat and he looks like he is holding his own so stop with the insensitive Bill Ward comments you song writing credit stealing, bass player and drum re recording and horrible DOWN TO EARTH album making prick.

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