classicrockhonors10-400 osted by UK-based Classic Rock magazine, the 10th annual Classic Rock Awards–the Classic Rock Roll Of Honor presented by Orange Amplification–celebrated some of the most influential and respected musicians in rock at The Avalon in Hollywood last night (11/4). A plethora of icons, innovators and straight-up legends attended the event and were honored with one of the most prestigious awards of the genre. The Classic Rock Roll Of Honor awards show will officially premiere Sunday, December 28th at 9pm ET on AXS TV as the crowning jewel of the Best Of Classic Rock Weekend.

The Classic Rock Roll Of Honor once again exceeded all expectations. The ceremony was hosted by multi-platinum Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Sammy Hagar. He was joined by a multitude of illustrious guest presenters including Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), musician, writer and actor Henry Rollins, Eric Idle (Monty Python) and Scott Ian (Anthrax) who presented awards to some of rock’s biggest stars including The Doors, Queen + Adam Lambert, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Wilco & Roger Daltrey, Joe Perry and Jeff Lynne among others. The night was capped off by Gregg Allman, one of rock’s most acclaimed and beloved icons, receiving this year’s Living Legend Award. Previous winners of the Living Legend Award include: Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Page, Lemmy Kilmister, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop and ZZ Top. The night was also highlighted by a stellar line-up of live performances from some of the most exciting and respected artists in rock: Kings Of Chaos, California Breed, Rival Sons and Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts.

Classic Rock editor Sian Llewellyn says, “What a night! I’d heard rumors that Hollywood was one of the best places for a party, and this evening proved those rumours true. The past, present and future of high-voltage rock’n’roll came out to celebrate the music that has soundtracked all of our lives. Only at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honor could you glance around and see the likes of Gregg Allman, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Lynne, Queen and The Doors, to name but a handful. Roll on next year…”

The Cadillac Three winning Best New Band; Queen + Adam Lambert winning Band Of The Year; Metallica’s Through The Never winning Film Of The Year; Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey’s Going Back Home winning Album Of The Year; Led Zeppelin ‘I, II & III’ Deluxe Editions winning Reissue Of The Year; Los Angeles’ 100.3 The Sound winning Classic Rock Radio Station Of The Year (Major Market); Baltimore’s 100.7 The Bay winning Classic Rock Radio Station Of The Year (Medium Market) and Dayton’s 104.7 WTUE­-FM winning Classic Rock Radio Station Of The Year (Small Market).

Winners for the listener and reader-voted categories, presented by Orange Amplification, included:

Living Legend (Sponsored by Orange Amplification) ̶ Gregg Allman
Inspiration (Sponsored by Global Merchandise) ̶ The Doors
Band Of The Year (Sponsored by Universal Records)  ̶ Queen + Adam Lambert
Film Of The Year (Sponsored by AXS.TV) ̶ Metallica Through The Never
Album Of The Year (Sponsored by MixRadio)  ̶ Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey Going Back Home
Classic Album (Sponsored by Eagle Rock) ̶ Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz
Outstanding Contribution (Sponsored by CitiBank) ̶ Jeff Lynne
Reissue Of The Year (Sponsored by The Great Frog) ̶ Led Zeppelin I, II & III Deluxe Editions
Maestro ̶ Joe Perry
Metal Guru  ̶ Dave Mustaine
The Bluesman (Sponsored by Blues Magazine) ̶ Eric Burdon
The V.I.P. (Sponsored by Sunset Marquis Hotel • Restaurant • Spa) ̶ Sharon Osbourne
Best New Band  ̶ The Cadillac Three
CR Radio station of Year (Large Market) ̶ KSWD (100.3 The Sound)/Los Angeles, CA
CR Radio station of Year (Medium Market) ̶ WZBA (100.7 The Bay)/Baltimore, MD
CR Radio station of Year (Small Market) ̶ WTUE (104.7 WTUE­-FM)/Dayton, OH

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  • bobbyd on

    this post is going to generate debate for sure , in my opinion, as far as handing out awards goes,
    their should be a real rock n roll hall of fame formed , some one should get in Mark Cubans ear…. and
    what does maestro mean and what exactly did Joe Perry do to win this?…… is AEROSMITH considered some kind of rock orchestra, i would think Jeff Lynne would have this one locked and Eric Burdon as bluesman, really…… Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, BB King. Stevie Ray, Blind Lemon Jefferson,Led Belly .Lightni’n Hopkins, Son House, & Duane Allman just to name a few, couldn’t hang with Eric…

    • ACE on

      As far as the “Bluesman” section of this award show, let’s keep in mind it’s the ‘Classic ROCK Roll of Fame’, not the ‘House of Blues Hall of Fame’, or whatever. The Animals were one of the seminal British Invasion Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands who took the Blues and made it their own, influencing generations of rockers since. That’s why they were recognized. The many iconic blues players you mentioned were their inspirations, but they did NOT play Rock. As far as “maestro”, certainly, it’s a bit of a misnomer, but is often used to describe prominent songwriters and bandleaders. One should not be quite so literal, and just (ahem) roll with it all, since it’s in good fun, not all so serious.

    • bobbyd on

      my reply was not at that serious Ace, it was pointing out the silliness of this award show , but i do have to say i liked some animals music as i was growing up and i never once identified them being rock blues , influenced maybe but led zep. the stones eric clapton and hendrix { who i did not mention in my first comment} really took the blues and turned it into rock , and if you listen to the recordings of those legendary bluesmen you will hear real rock, soul and passion , jimi’s version of red house c’mon – LETS HAVE SOME REAL FUN .. .
      TOP 5 BANDS –
      i hope a few more people will join in ,

  • James K. on

    That’s cool! Who needs the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame anyway?

  • Don on

    The Cadillac Three are the real deal. They’re like a countrified version of the a Black Keys. Lots of fun.

  • Don on

    The Cadillac Three are the real deal. A countrified version of the Black Keys. Lots of fun – “It’s all about the South!”

    • bobbyd on

      the Cadillac three are a great band i recently found , as are the rival sons i just bought ther new cd ,i’ll be buying caddy 3 as well

    • Don on

      I saw them when they opened for Jake Owen, but they could easily play with any rock band out there.

  • Lee on

    Little Anthony is in the rock hall but Deep Purple isn’t. Little Anthony 1972: a bar in Compton, Deep Purple: L.A. Forum.

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