Dana’s note: So, I was on Youtube watching clips when I came across this gem.

According to the description it recorded at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium on June 12th 1981, which would indicate it is the band’s Fair Warning tour. The clip included three songs: Hear About It Later, So This Is Love? and Unchained.

Ahhh, the good old days, please enjoy this amazing blast from the past.
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  1. I’ve been saying it for years, and I am going to say it again – WHERE IS THE F–KING DVD???? 40 years already, what is the problem?? We have 2 great live DVD’s with Hagar but not 1 with Roth, there were full live performances professionally filmed with Roth, ok so they they may need to be cleaned up or whatever, but I for one would pay just about anything for a full live performance with Roth on DVD anywhere from ’79 to ’84, especially this performance from ’81, even if it isn’t perfect, who cares, JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY!!

    1. As much as I agree with you on its release, I don’t think it will ever be released cuz Van Halen would then probably have to pay Michael Anthony.

    2. Live: Right Here, Right Now, and Live Without A Net, I’m sure Anthony still receives royalties from those DVD’s, if their problem with Anthony is the only reason why they won’t release any of the Roth era live performances, that’d be really, really messed up. They are denying every VH fan the opportunity to enjoy their great performances on DVD from the good old days!

    3. The issue here is not royalty payments to Michael Anthony. He stopped receiving songwriting royalties sometime in the 2000s when VH renegotiated with WB. It should also be noted that according to a number of people connected with VH (see: Sunset Sound podcast) – including a WB archivist – there are about four albums’ worth of unreleased music in the WB vaults. I think the problem with VH – even when they existed as an active band – is that they never really appreciated their own importance or impact – in particular, the VH brothers. Things haven’t really changed much now. Wolf and Al, who have legal ownership now of all their unreleased music, have said – specifically, Wolf – that they are in no rush to rummage through the vaults.

  2. Sammy seems like a great guy, and he had a very successful run with VH. Having said that, VH with DLR (with all his faults) were just a better band with better songs. I love so many songs off the first 4 albums, (many that got zero radio play). That band was just badass, and I agree that Michael Anthony’s vocals were a big part of that sound.

  3. These clips are certainly nothing new and have been shown on TV for 40 years. MTV used to play these clips all the time back in the days when it was actually a video channel. But, it’s always great to see them.

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