Dana’s note: So, I was on Youtube watching clips when I came across this gem.

According to the description it recorded at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium on June 12th 1981, which would indicate it is the band’s Fair Warning tour. The clip included three songs: Hear About It Later, So This Is Love? and Unchained.

Ahhh, the good old days, please enjoy this amazing blast from the past.
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  1. Alex is shamefully overlooked when talking about great drumming. Just put on Loss Of Control. Blows my mind every time. Notice on this clip here, the start of Unchained, Eddie starts the verse part too early. They look at each other like uh oh lol. These songs were shot on film, which leads me to think that you don’t set up expensive film equipment to capture 3 songs. The whole show is in the can. And the whole show should be released! 🙂

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