Pleased to announce I will have Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield as a guest calling in live this coming Friday night to my FM/syndicated radio show. While we have Scott on the line I will play a portion of a brand new Queensryche song. This will be the first time anywhere you will hear new material from this version of the band with new singer Todd LaTorre. Join me live starting 11PM ET on Q104.3 NYC. You can also hear the show around the US by accessing the live stream at www.q1043.com or by using the free iheartradio app and dialing up Q104.3, NYC, Classic Rock. Show is live 11P-2A ET and airs on all affiliate stations usual date and time the following weekend.

Pleased to announce I will once again be a special guest at this years M3 Festival in Maryland May 3 & 4. This is always a great party and this year should be a blast with Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P., Bret Michaels, Kix and many more. Free ticket giveaways start on my Q104 show this Friday and you can also win via this site. Details soon.

New That Metal Show’s tape in April, air in May. More details TBA

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Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I celebrated my love of metal at Best Buy Theater in NYC with 4 Arm, Flotsam & Jetsam, Overkill & Testament. Great packed house loaded with younger metal fans and of course the old guard who grew up with these guys. Great energy in the room, lot’s of moshing on the main floor all night. Didn’t see the first two bands but met the 4 Arm guys. Nice dudes from Australia having a blast playing with bands they love. Overkill was good but suffered a bit from a mix that was a bit off at times and a half speed Bobby Blitz, who was battling being sick with some breathing issues. They got through it just fine and the hometown crowd was chanting Over-kill throughout, but it was a short 40 minute set and their usually great front man struggled a bit from being ill. But a couple new tunes and a handful of classics still had the place rocking. Testament were in top form. The 90 minute set featured all the classics as well as a good amount from new album Dark Roots. At one point they did three new songs in a row (including the great title track) and the crowd didn’t miss a beat. That’s what was so amazing about this crowd and metal crowds in general, for the most part they know and are into EVERYTHING the bands play. Great dual guitar stuff with Alex and Eric and Chuck Billy has a cool new light up half mic stand. Was great catching up with both bands who are old friends and many others at this gig. Photos coming to the site soon and the tour continues so catch it if you can.


Live radio show tonight after being snowed out last Friday. Join me tonight 11PM ET- 2AM on Q104.3 NYC or the free stream at www.q1043.com or via iheartradio app. Just hit Q104.3, NY, Classic Rock anywhere in the USA.


Guns N Roses fans don’t miss a big night of all GnR programming coming to VH1 Classic March 9th. Set your DVRs and mark the calendar. Kicks off 8P ET with a one hour all GnR video block hosted by me, then a full new GnR live show shot at the O2 arena in London last year, then a rebroadcast of the Axl Rose That Metal Show episode. It’s like 5 straight hours of all eras of GnR. Don’t miss it. Was cool to have been a part of it and host the broadcast.


This Monday is a holiday so my SiriusXM show is not live, but all new and I did pick all the tunes. So you will get the usual Trunk Nation mix and news. 6-10P ET SiriusXM channel 39 (Hair Nation)

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So now that things are settling in with the new site how about some updates?

TMS will shoot new episodes in late April. Unsure if it will be in L.A. (most likely), Vegas or NYC. The decision is 100% up to VH1 and based on what is most cost effective and where the most artists are (why we moved to L.A., they all are based there). Once the dates and location are set the booking process will start. That is handled by me and VH1 with VH1 making the final call. Of course it is also based on who is available when we shoot and if THEY want to be on TMS. You would be surprised how many artists are picky about what they do and when they do it, but we do ask. Much more on TMS when I know, for now enjoy the many replays on VH1C.

Almost complete with Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Vol 2. Lot’s of work but it should be as good as book one with all different bands, stories and photos not in the first book, but same format. It will be released later this year. Exact date TBD. More soon. My debut book still available everywhere you buy books (physical stores, Amazon) and also via Itunes as a digital version. You can still order personalized signed copies direct from me. Just click the banner on the site for order info.

Had a great radio show with my bud former MLB star Mike Piazza in studio last night. Check out his book Long Shot. Also thanks to the great Sammy Hagar for calling in. He even put Bob Weir from the Dead on the phone. Never was a Dead head but that was pretty funny. Sammy working on new music and a 40th anniversary tour. I’ll be seeing him in Vegas next month when we both appear at R&R Fantasy Camp at MGM, details on the banner on my site.


Interesting interview in our news section from RS with David Lee Roth. Sounds like VH situation once again clouded. My ides? Get Michael back (all respect to Wolfie but Mike is Mike and Wolfie can be much more active with another band for now), and do a tour half set with DLR and half with Sammy. I like BOTH versions of VH and they had HUGE hits with Hagar that only he can sing. This would also give Dave a rest for his voice to maybe be stronger? Just thinking out loud and doubt it will happen, but that would make sense to me. Nobody getting any younger here!


Looking forward to sold out Monsters Of Rock Cruise next month. Once again I’ll be hosting this and it was a blast last year. If you are on board I’ll see you soon.


New special edition of the great new Overkill coming in a couple weeks with bonus live tracks. Look forward to hitting Testament/Overkill/Flotz this Thursday in NYC.


Live radio show this Friday on Q104.3 NYC 11P ET. Listen via the free iheartradio app too. Last Friday I was snowed out so had to run a Best Of. I will also be live this Monday on SiriusXM even though it’s a holiday. Tom Keifer will be my guest. SiriusXM channel 39 6PM ET.

I’d like to welcome two new affiliates airing my FM show each week! WYKT 105.5 FM in Kankakee IL (just outside Chicago) every Saturday 9AM-Noon, and K Rock in Honolulu Hawaii every Sunday night 9P-Midnight. Thanks to these stations for adding “Eddie Trunk Rocks”. Be sure to spread the word if in that area. And if your local stations does not air my weekly show let them know you want it, it helps. Thanks!

Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news and updates. We will have much more audio, video and news now that we are on our upgraded server and hopefully have resolved issues with the site. Thanks for your patience and support.

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Hey everyone, welcome back to my website! Ever since we relaunched this site early January we had some major issues with traffic and the server we launched it on. As a result it made it very hard to bring you content updates and for many difficult to even see the site. Many times it didn’t load at all. This was all extrenely frustrating as you could imagine! But we have now moved to a new hosting platform and are pretty sure all issues are now resolved. So you will start to see a bunch of new stuff soon (like this post from me) as well as news, video, audio and more. Also for the Members of the site content and access is being restored and we will soon open up the site to new members as well. As you all know I am far from a web genius, but I’m pretty sure we should be up and running and better than ever going forward. Thank you all for your support and patience and much more coming from me in this space very soon. Welcome back!

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Really crazy schedule trying to get caught up with things from being away the past week with the Dee Snider roast, NAMM, the radio show Monday, and a shoot for VH1 Classic yesterday for an upcoming Guns N Roses special concert/video special. Details on when that will air coming, sometime in March. NAMM was overwhelming. If you heard my radio show Monday you know we covered much of it. So hard to even begin to cover everything here. Some exclusive video interviews from NAMM will be posted here soon. Also we have reactivated the members side. Thanks to all members for bearing with us through the new site change. We will be accepting new members with information to come soon.


Getting a kick out of some of the comments now available here on the site under our various posts. I welcome all comments agree or disagree, but please do not post requests for TMS guests. It serves no purpose. As I have stated many times we have a process of guests based on who is available, who we want, and of course if the ARTIST THEMSELVES want to do the show. Everything else is welcome as long as posted respectfully.


I’ll be back live on the Q104 show this Friday with Tom Keifer as my guest. 11P-2A ET Q104.3 FM or online via the free iheartradio app.


Much more to share with you guys and more stuff coming to the site in time. We shoot more TMS end of April, details TBA.


Coming in March look forward to the Monsters Of Rock Cruise (which is sold out!) and appearing at my first ever R&R Fantasy Camp in Vegas!

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Just back from my first NAMM in CA, what a blast! Truly overwhelming and even more massive than I thought. Saw SO many artists. Tons of video and audio coming to the site, many stories and much news info to share. Hope you can join me on the radio live today 6-10P ET / 3-7P Pacific on SiriusXM 39. Will cover lots of NAMM and more. As soon as we can get caught up much will be posted to this site as well. We are still working on this site since the relaunch so thanks for your patience.

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