Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I celebrated my love of metal at Best Buy Theater in NYC with 4 Arm, Flotsam & Jetsam, Overkill & Testament. Great packed house loaded with younger metal fans and of course the old guard who grew up with these guys. Great energy in the room, lot’s of moshing on the main floor all night. Didn’t see the first two bands but met the 4 Arm guys. Nice dudes from Australia having a blast playing with bands they love. Overkill was good but suffered a bit from a mix that was a bit off at times and a half speed Bobby Blitz, who was battling being sick with some breathing issues. They got through it just fine and the hometown crowd was chanting Over-kill throughout, but it was a short 40 minute set and their usually great front man struggled a bit from being ill. But a couple new tunes and a handful of classics still had the place rocking. Testament were in top form. The 90 minute set featured all the classics as well as a good amount from new album Dark Roots. At one point they did three new songs in a row (including the great title track) and the crowd didn’t miss a beat. That’s what was so amazing about this crowd and metal crowds in general, for the most part they know and are into EVERYTHING the bands play. Great dual guitar stuff with Alex and Eric and Chuck Billy has a cool new light up half mic stand. Was great catching up with both bands who are old friends and many others at this gig. Photos coming to the site soon and the tour continues so catch it if you can.


Live radio show tonight after being snowed out last Friday. Join me tonight 11PM ET- 2AM on Q104.3 NYC or the free stream at www.q1043.com or via iheartradio app. Just hit Q104.3, NY, Classic Rock anywhere in the USA.


Guns N Roses fans don’t miss a big night of all GnR programming coming to VH1 Classic March 9th. Set your DVRs and mark the calendar. Kicks off 8P ET with a one hour all GnR video block hosted by me, then a full new GnR live show shot at the O2 arena in London last year, then a rebroadcast of the Axl Rose That Metal Show episode. It’s like 5 straight hours of all eras of GnR. Don’t miss it. Was cool to have been a part of it and host the broadcast.


This Monday is a holiday so my SiriusXM show is not live, but all new and I did pick all the tunes. So you will get the usual Trunk Nation mix and news. 6-10P ET SiriusXM channel 39 (Hair Nation)

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  • Ted on

    Trunk,…hey man, love your Friday night show, and TMS. Great interview with Peter Criss.
    Eddie, you are long over due to get an interview with Izzy Stradlin, (and Eddie Van Halen, and David Lee Roth). Please?!

    Only thing better would be an interview reunion with as many of the original GNR 5 as possible.
    Alas, I fear that a reunion may never happen because of Axl’s egomania.

    Don was dead wrong when he said that Pink Floyd is not rock music. One of the best bands ever.
    Roger Waters is a genius.

    Thank you for being a great ambassador for Hard Rock and Metal !

  • Dave Shamblin on

    Eddie, glad your site is back up. I hope you didn’t take offense at my earlier post regarding booking guests on TMS. I understand that it must get frustrating to you and in retrospect, the post did not come off like I had intended and for that I apologize.

    That being said, I very much do appreciate everything you do to keep Classic Rock and Metal alive and kicking…no doubt you are the leader in this far above anyone else. My wife and I are looking forward to a new season of TMS…and hopefully at some point VH-1 will decide to let us see you in high def!

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