In the middle of a super busy run of travel, working on new TMS shows, and of course the two radio shows. This Friday on Q104.3 show will be an all new interview with Geddy & Alex of Rush! I recorded it a week and a half ago and we talk about the new album, tour, old albums, baseball, and the bands future. Don’t miss this all new exclusive interview this Friday. Show starts at 11PM ET. You can listen in the NYC area over 104.3 FM or anywhere in the US via the free stream at www.q1043.com or with the free iheartradio app. If using the app hit Q104.3/NY/Classic Rock. Please note I have no control on streams being available outside the USA. The show this Monday on SiriusXM is recorded. Back live there 3/25. Also I have video of the entire Rush interview. That will be posted first for AA Members of the site, then a week later for all here after the audio runs on all radio outlets. Look for that around 3/25 for members, the next week free to all.


Thanks to our sponsors on this site. If you’d like to buy an ad please hit up Erik through contact us on this site. More cool stuff to come to the all new eddietrunk.com!


New season of TMS being scheduled now. We will have a new look to the set, new features and a mix of new and returning guests. Once the guest list is set I will announce it. Same with when audience tix are released and available. I appreciate all the guest requests but once again the show is booked based off of who the NETWORK approves, and who is available and wants to do the show in the windows we tape. As usual rock and metal artists will be represented and we will me mixing in new bands with the classics ones as well. All details TBA but the new shows will start airing early June. In the meantime enjoy the many repeats of nearly 100 episodes now running on VH1C.


Very sad to hear of the passing of original Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr. CLive was ill for a long time battling MS. Credit the Maiden camp for always trying to help him and doing benefits for him through his struggles. I saw Maiden with Clive twice. First time I saw Maiden was opening for Priest in NJ at Convention Hall in Asbury Pk on the Killers tour. Then I saw them headline at The Palladium in NYC on the Beast tour. Clive’s role in the early days of Maiden can not be understated. Great player and fun to watch too. Killers and Beast are two of my top 5 Maiden albums, so he will always live on with us through this brilliant music. Condolences to his fans, friends and family. I’ll do a musical remembrance when back on the radio live since this weeks shows are pre recorded. RIP Clive Burr.


Off to Florida tomorrow. Honored to be special guest host once again for the second annual Monsters Of Rock Cruise. This year it’s 4 nights of Mayhem with a TON of bands! It’s also sold out. So hope you have your tix and yes I have my Passport this year (forgot it last year)! Look forward to hanging with all. The cruise runs from Saturday till Wed 3/20. Since there is no cell or internet service i’ll update you when I can and have signal.


I will once again be hosting M3 in Maryland and Rocklahoma in Pryor OK. Hope to see you at those shows too. More info soon. Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news. More here when I return from the high seas!

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Sorry for the lack of updates here. If you’ve been following on Twitter you know I was in Vegas the last week for my first ever appearance at a R&R Fantasy Camp. More details on this soon but it was great to meet the campers and hang with so many friends and musicians working with them. Had a blast as always with the great Sammy Hagar at his Cabo Wabo there. He could not have been cooler with the campers at the camp and he sang a song with all of them. It was stunning watching a guy now 65 sing EVERY song, Montrose, VH, etc, NOTE PERFECT! There is simply nobody at his age that can sing like that STILL and has lost nothing. Everybody was just in disbelief that hasn’t seen him in a while. Total freak in a good way!

Much more to report from Vegas. I’ll post more tomorrow before leaving for Florida Thursday to host the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. Hope to see you on board if you are going. Have to run now. Judging round 3 of Hard Rock Rising battle of the bands and about to shoot a segment for an upcoming Deep Purple Behind the Music.

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About to kick off a busy couple of weeks. Headed to Vegas tomorrow to appear as a guest at my first ever R&R Fantasy Camp with Sammy Hagar, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Lita Ford, Ron Keel and many more. Always love Vegas and this should be a fun event. It’s at MGM and might be sold out, but be sure to check if in the area. Then home next week for a couple days before heading off to host the second annual sold out Monster Of Rock Cruise from Florida. Both radio shows are recorded next 2 weeks as a result of this travel. Remember all new interview with Geddy & Alex of Rush will premiere on Q104 broadcast 3/15 starting at 11P ET. Listen outside NYC with free iheartradio app or at www.q1043.com Airs on all affiliates the next weekend as usual. All recorded shows all new, just recorded.

Had a great meeting with VH1 execs yesterday. New TMS is a full go right now with work starting on guests and who is available and also some cool new makeovers to the show, set and new features. We tape last week of April in L.A. and the shows will start airing in early June. More news when I have it and can share and I will also post when audience tix are made available.

Had an interesting chat on air last night on SiriusXM show about paid meet & greets and fans thoughts on them. Good discussion as to the pros and cons and what is too much. Love doing that stuff on radio and thanks for all the calls.

Be sure to check out the new video interview on the home page with Michael Anthony, one of the truly nice guys in rock! Nicko McBrain interview coming soon..

The Guns n Roses special scheduled for this weekend which featured the full O2 show from last year has been cancelled due to a contract issue with clearing it. Legal stuff I have nothing to do with. The video block I hosted may still air at some point but the concert will not. Sorry but a network issue/decisions, not me.

I’ll update here as often as I can. Next couple weeks going to be hectic so keep an eye on the Twitter for up to the second news and info @EddieTrunk

Also, if you are interested in advertising on this site please contact [email protected] for rates and info. If you want to target the rock audience we can help. Thanks!

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Happy to announce we FINALLY have a schedule for the next run of long overdue new episodes of That Metal Show. Things moving full steam ahead now. The booking process has begun and again, all artists are approached that are approved BY VH1, and depending on scheduling we get the best of what’s available. Tapings will happen last week of April in Los Angeles. As always I will post the link on how to get tickets when it is released by VH1 and the agency that handles that. I do not control or distribute the audience tickets, but I will post the application here ASAP. The shows will air in May. When I have more details to share I will, but things are coming together quickly for some all new TMS coming soon! Thanks all for your support and patience. If it was up to me I’d do new shows every day, but as I have said many times VH1 owns the show and calls the shots. I’m just thrilled to be doing it and continuing with new ones soon!

Last live Q104 show tonight for a couple weeks as I have some travel coming up. Tonight Ron Sobol who just released a film on Randy Rhoads Quiet Riot years will join me. Plenty of music and requests too. LIVE at 11P ET on Q104.3 FM NYC or online using the free iheartradio app or stream via www.q1043.com

The brand new interview I just recorded with Geddy & Alex of Rush will air on Q104 show 3/15 for the first time and all affiliates the following weekend at usual day and time. I also have video of this to be posted here after radio airs.

This Monday final LIVE Trunk Nation on SiriusXM for a couple weeks. Biff Byford of Saxon calls in live. 6-10PM ET SiriusXM channel 39 Hair Nation.

I am headed to Vegas on Wed for R&R Fantasy Camp where I will appear as a special guest with Sammy Hagar, Steve Vai and Lita Ford to name a few at MGM. Hope to meet you if attending. Then it’s the Monsters Of Rock Cruise I’m so thrilled to be hosting once again. See you all on board if cruising with us this year. Ship is sold out, should be a blast! I can also confirm I will once again be a special guest host at this years M3 in Maryland and I am giving tickets away already on the FM radio show.

We are once again accepting new AA Members to this site. Please see that tab on the home page and get a bunch of exclusive content and access.

Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal VOL 2 is coming in September! Almost done but still working on it. 35 all new bands and photos!

Finished up Dee Snider’s book. Real good read even if not a TS fan.

Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news.

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Greatly appreciate all our members of this site hanging with us through the transition to the new design, server, etc. The relaunch has been a bit rocky at times and we are still working out some kinks, but happy to say we are adding new content, updating radio shows and interviews, and shooting and posting audio and video exclusive to this site! If you are already a member have a look around at what is being added daily, with much more to come. Now for the first time we are accepting new members to the site. We had frozen membership acceptance until we had some stuff worked out, but now if you would like to become a member just hit the All Access tab and sign up. For a small yearly fee we will do our best to provide you with as much content as we can, and you will also get the signed photo we have always provided. Hosting and running a site with the content we have comes with it’s fair share of expense, so the yearly fee for members helps us offset that and I appreciate the support. Of course a great deal of free content will always be a huge part of this site, but for those interested in exclusive content, podcasts, On Demand radio and more as we go further, have a look and join us in All Access Membership. And as always thank you for your support and patience as we continue to develop the all new eddietrunk.com

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Had a great chat last night with Tom Keifer of Cinderella on the SiriusXM show. Tom is having a blast promoting and working in his new band for his solo tour. Outside of the Monsters Of Rock cruise Cinderella will be taking a break from touring while Tom works the solo album coming out in April, but he did not rule out a possible new Cinderella album at some point. Hard to believe almost 20 years since Still Climbing.


Also got a call from Bobby Blotzer who was listening to the show live and checked in. Blotz said Ratt is back full on and has more gigs besides Rocklahoma to announce soon. He also confirmed Juan is back in full time and they are working on new music. He joked that I need to proof read Pearcy’s new book so that things don’t blow up once it comes out! Great to hear from Blotz and even better to know this band is getting busy again. Bobby also added that he left Queensryche because Ratt was going to be busy and he also felt his style of playing might not have been the best fit for that band once he started to listen.


Headed into NYC now to record an interview with Geddy & Alex from Rush! Heard from the guys that they were in town and always appreciate them making time to get together. I’ll have audio of our conversation in an FM show coming soon as well as some exclusive video of the conversation here on the site soon. More details and photos after I do the interview later today.

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