4/9 TMS, Michael Anthony, more.

Huge thanks to Udo, Jason from Saigon Kick, Stacey Blades and Michael Anthony for 4 truly great hours of live radio last night on SiriusXM. Stacey and Michael gave some great insights on the late Andy Johns. Never met Udo before, cool guy, his tour starts on LI tonight, I’ll see him in LA. Michael is just one of the best guys you could ever meet. Such a cool down to earth dude. For the record he said he heard about Roth’s recent comments and said he never heard him talk like that about him when he was in Van Halen (with a laugh). Said his phone hasn’t rung at all and seemed to get a kick out of it all.


Gotta run, more soon. Off to NYC to shoot a segment for new TMS with Don, Jim, Bobby Blitz, Dee Snider and Bumblefoot.You will see this when new shows start in June. Days away from announcing the full artist lineup for the episodes being taped in LA in a couple weeks. Audience ticket info in the new section.

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