Ah tax time! Knee deep in getting my taxes done and paying out the dollars. Never usually wait this long but my schedule has been nuts and time got away from me. Hope you guys are done with yours.


Really close to announcing all the TMS guests. Have one last slot I am waiting on confirmation on and we are set. Trust me when I say booking the show is NOT as easy as just saying “I want this band”. SO much more involved; schedules, timing, bands touring, new vs repeat guests, who wants to do the show, who doesn’t, what does the network want. Lot’s of work but always comes out great. Very important you guys realize though that not every band wants to do the show and not every band is around when we need them. We shoot 8 shows in 4 days and bands more active on tour than ever. We do have a TON of new features and this next run of shows will very much be a new coat of paint on all things TMS. We are still learning new things every day as far as what VH1 Classic is looking to do. Should be able to reveal all guests by the weekend and the ticket info is in the news section and on my twitter. I leave for LA 4/23, we tape starting 4/27, shows premiere early June. Also to our international viewers I have NOTHING to do with if and when the show can be accessed in your area. Sorry. More soon. We actually shot a quick segment for TMS in NYC yesterday with guest spots from Dee Snider, Bobby Blitz and Bumblefoot. You will see that in the new season.


Excited to see Saigon Kick in NYC tomorrow night. Always thought they were way ahead of their time. Much more a bridge from the 80’s hard rock to the 90’s sound. An important mix of both with huge guitars and harmonies. Loved the debut when it came out in 1990 and this is one of their first gigs in about 20 years. See you at Webster Hall in NYC if going. They start 9:30.

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  1. This is for all three of you (Eddie, Jim, and Don)-what musician(s) have you always wanted on TMS, but have said no so far? Pick up to three, and having multiple current band members count as one.

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