blackSabbath Black Sabbath will rock a cameo appearance on CSI‘s season finale.

In the lead-up to the release of their upcoming album, titled 13, the band will appear in the finale of the crime drama on May 15th, CBS announced Wednesday.

The band will play a concert in the show attended by some of the characters. The performance in CSI will debut the first single, End of the Beginning, from their new album.

“When we first heard that Black Sabbath was interested in premiering a song on CSI from their first studio album in 35 years, we were all really excited,” said the show’s executive producer, Don McGill, in a release. “So many of us are longtime fans.”

Black Sabbath had planned to release its 19th album in fall 2012, but rescheduled to June 11th, 2013.











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  • speedking on

    I didn’t it was possible to make me less interested…but it’s happening. Reminds me of Anthrax being on Newsradio in 1995.

    Iommi and Butler are becoming nearly as bad as Sharon’s husband.

  • chomps68 on

    If the song is awesome who cares where they debut it, its all about marketing nowadays, if the song stinks than we won’t care how they went about it anyway..

  • henry mossberg on

    Have not seen 3 seconds of CSI ever, and this won’t cause me to break that streak.
    The Sab’s audio previews, what little is out there at this time, sound great.
    And now with just over 8 weeks to release date.

    If tons of marketing can sell a nation on a craptacular mess like Obama.
    A little marketing can sell a proven talent like Sabbath to the same.

    “. . . . nearly as bad as Shar”. Click.

  • Chris A on

    Has anyone noticed how has removed the pictures of Bill Ward
    from the photos!!?? This is [email protected]#K$D. They should have to change their name like they
    did with Ronnie James Dio. Heaven & Hell was their best album anyways.

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