Had a great night in NYC last night. Started off at The Hard Rock for a private party for Eric Clapton’s Crossroads benefit. Clapton wasn’t there but I did meet Dan Akroyd and also caught up with all the guys from Styx who were the main band playing (tweeted a photo). Always good to see the Styx guys and they were telling me they had a bunch of positive response to their TMS appearance, even from metal artists like Kerry King who is a fan. Really cool to hear as I love presenting hard rock AND metal bands and love seeing the common respect and who the big fans are. If you recall Vinnie Paul was also in the Styx TMS and is a fan also. Love that wide range of rock and bringing the worlds together. Couldn’t stay for Styx because I had to split to host Saigon Kick in their first NYC show in 20 years. The studio at Webster Hall was packed, hot and sweaty to see these guys in action. Much like Extreme, Saigon Kick’s big hit is a ballad, which really is not at all what the band is truly about. I always felt their music was a step ahead of the curve. A mesh of the 80’s and what was to come in the 90’s. Great harmonies, songs and playing. The band only performed music from the first two albums and the crowd sang every word. Was really great to see and hear again. What they do next is anyones guess. This was the last of 5 reunion shows and it seems they will continue in some way, however they are not planning to make the same mistake I see often of over playing. The gigs when they happen will be special and somewhat rare. At least that is their plan for now. Hope they continue and hope some new music comes out. Nothing was played from the second two (and really good!) albums since singer Matt Kramer was not in the band then. But who knows where this goes down the line.


Live radio show tonight on Q104.3 FM. Listen live 11P-2A ET on 104.3 FM in NYC area, or free live stream at www.q1043.com or with free iheartradio app. Free M3 tickets and a ton of new and classic rock.


Live show this Monday on SiriusXM 39 from 6-10P ET. Black Star Riders (formerly Thin Lizzy) will be live in studio.


I should be able to announce the full new TMS guest roster by early next week at the latest. Shows start airing early June on VH1 Classic.

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  • Ryan on

    Good point, Eddie, on Saigon Kick being something of a bridge of the 80’s into the 90’s. This may be a stretch but with some of their stuff, the way the vocals sound, it is almost like what Motherlovebone had going on before Andy Wood’s death. Kind of that 80’s metal/rock flare mixed with what was to become the early 90’s sound.

  • cassandra foyt on

    METAL GREETINGS EDDIE!!! Why don’t you give some time to Jizzy Pearl, Love/Hate on this seasons TMS?? SOOOO UNDER-RATED!! Give them some props! LOVE You Keep On Rockin l,,l

  • Ken Seeley on

    I was at the first SK show in St. Petersburg. It was AWESOME!!!

  • Norman Voss on

    how come part 3 of the radio player is missing?? Want to hear the Robin Zander interview.

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