blackSabbath The track listing for 13, Black Sabbath’s first new studio album in 35 years with original singer Ozzy Osbourne, has been revealed. In classic Sabbath fashion, the CD, due out June 11th, comes in at nearly sixty minutes in just eight songs.

For the recording of 13, Black Sabbath–Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar) and Geezer Butler (bass)–were joined at the sessions by drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine). Produced by Rick Rubin (seven-time Grammy winner, two of those as Producer of the Year), the album will be released on Vertigo (worldwide) and Vertigo/Republic in the U.S.

13 track listing is as follows:

1. End Of The Beginning (8:07)
2. God Is Dead? (8:54)
3. Loner (5:06)
4. Zeitgeist (4:28)
5. Age Of Reason (7:02)
6. Live Forever (4:49)
7. Damaged Soul (7:43)
8. Dear Father (7:06)

Watch a video teaser below.


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  1. I want to be excited but I can’t.its not a reunion album.its ozzy,iommi,and butler with a fill in drummer..not bill ward.although I did like a different kind of truth from van halen it still wasn’t a van halen album or a reunion album..just hoping it can at least for a few listens make me forget all that.

  2. I would prefer BIll on drums also, but I am still excited about new Sabbath ! Hopefully it will be better than ozzys more recent solo albums. The Heaven and Hell album they made with Dio a few years ago was great. Not sure why they didn’t get Vinnie Appice on drums? I do wish everyone would stop referring to it as a reunion album, without Bill Ward, it just isn’t .

  3. This IS A Sabbath reunion album.
    The previews sound great. Just over 8 weeks to the release, and I have my order in.

    The Who went on without Keith.
    The Stones went on without Bill.
    Zeppelin appears every so often without John.
    AC/DC without Bon.
    Skynyrd without half of the originals.
    The Allmans with just Greg.
    Tull has had how many drummers, bassists, keyboardists, etc?
    And without Jon what Mark are we on now, X? XX? for Deep Purple?

    So to follow the logic of above, a Black Sabbath reunion can’t be because Bill isn’t dead??

    Bill obviously had more important things going on in his life like hmmmm, uhhh, and, that too.
    And none of that list involves recording or touring.

    See you on the road, boys.

    1. At least Deep Purple and AC/DC aren not editing their photos to remove the old members!

    2. The fact that a ghost singer is actually the vocalist kind of kills it for me.

  4. Black Sabbath’s first new studio album in 35 years?! Ummm… at least acknowledge the dozen or so other albums they have released with Dio, Gillan, Hughes and Martin! I am definitely excited to hear the album and Tony’s latest riffs, but I certainly won’t go see them live unless Bill is behind the kit.

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