tatesqueensryche2013 Geoff Tate’s version of Queenryche has issued a new single called Cold from their forthcoming album Frequency Unknown, due for release on April 23 through Deadline Music/Cleopatra. Listen to it below.

Frequency Unknown track listing:

1. When Lightning Strikes
2. Running Backwards
3. Fallen
4. Life Without You
5. In The Hands Of God
6. Cold
7. The Weight Of The World
8. Slave
9. Dare
10. Everything

Bonus tracks: (2013 versions)

11. Silent Lucidity
12. Empire
13. Jet City Woman
14. I Don t Believe In Love


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SkidRow:jpg John Parks of Legendary Rock Interviews spoke with Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan. Portions of the interview appear below.

RI: Do you think at this point that whole lead singer conversation is sort of a dead issue? [Singer] Johnny [Solinger] has been on enough albums and played enough live shows that I would hope people have gotten the point.

Rachel: I agree. Johnny’s been in the band for almost 14 years I believe people understand that he’s the lead singer of Skid Row. It’s pretty obvious. These EPs will be the third album, so to speak, that we’ve put out with Johnny. Granted, there has been a lot of time between each one but really, it was like that with the first two albums as well. That’s just how we work and that’s part of the reason we’ve decided to release a series of EPs instead of one full length record. Johnny is here to stay and if people aren’t getting it by now, they are probably never gonna get it. I mean, I know people who still won’t listen to AC/DC because Bon Scott isn’t singing (laughs) which is just absolutely ridiculous but….true.

LRI: I heard Snake on Eddie Trunk a few days back clarify a few of the reunion rumors that were kind of floated out there last year which was nice because one of the things that is consistently mentioned by bystanders is that you were the lone holdout of the reunion and everyone else is on board. Obviously you can give me a “No comment” and I totally understand, but I still want to ask you directly for those fans who continue to claim this. Is there any truth to the sentiment that there is some exclusive beef that is is strictly between you and him?

Rachel: I’d really rather not talk about him but I can say I think everybody has a beef with him honestly. I know what it’s like from this side, meaning Snake, Scotti and myself and I know all of our feelings towards that but we just choose to ignore his comments because it really doesn’t matter.

LRI: So the release schedule is every six months, have you already started recording tracks for United World Rebellion, Chapter 2?

Rachel: Haven’t started recording the second one, we have some songs and we will probably work some on that in between dates this summer. We’ve already got a few written but we need to write a few more. So, we’ll get that done and then immediately start demoing them and that type of thing.

LRI: Do you ever miss those hardworking days of sweating it out in those North Atlantic club years prior to being signed to Atlantic??

Rachel: No, they’re fond memories but to actually go back and do it?? No, I kind of like where I’m at now (laughs) instead of living in an apartment above a crackhouse. I lived in Long Branch, New Jersey next to a train station. It was just bad…..after I left, the roaches and mice probably were looking for a nicer place to move into because it was just that bad.

Read more at Legendary Rock Interviews.

Skid Row’s United Word Rebellion Chapter One release dates are as follows:

North America-April 16th
European Union-May 24th
UK-May 27th
Rest of the world-May 27th



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cheaptrick400 Cheap Trick will celebrate the 35th anniversary of their legendary Budokan, Japan performances with a pair of special concerts. The first show will be scheduled for April 28th at the John Varvatos Bowery boutique in New York City.

“I’m proud to host this momentous show for my friends Cheap Trick at my Bowery store which is celebrating its own 5th anniversary this month,” says designer John Varvatos, a favorite among rockers like ZZ Top and Jimmy Page.

The second anniversary performance will happen on April 30th at the El Rey in Los Angeles, Calif. where the band will perform the exact April 30th, 1978 Budokan set. This show will air live nationally on AXS TV.

1978’s Cheap Trick At Budokan is the album that catapulted the band to mainstream success with cuts like I Want You To Want Me and Ain’t That a Shame finding a permanent home on American radio. The live album hit the #4 on the Billboard Top 200 and went triple platinum, and Rolling Stone has since called it one of the top 500 albums of all time.

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FrankBello Ruben Mosqueda of Metal Titans spoke with Anthrax bassist Frank Bello. Portions of the interview appear below.

Ruben: You guys have been on the road for a longtime. If I recall correctly you’ve been playing live shows prior to the release of Worship Music which was released in September of 2011.

Frank: It’s been a crazy run—you’re right it’s been over two years now. We played our first show the day before the album’s release September 13th of 2011 or something like that. We played the ‘Big 4’ show at Yankee Stadium—so it’s been quite a run for sure. We weren’t going to do another run but ‘Metal Alliance’ came up with this killer package and here we are. We’re having a blast. We’re doing the entire ‘Among the Living’ record and the shows are either selling-out or close to it. It’s a really nice thing.

Ruben: When will we be hearing some new original music from Anthrax? I know the fans are chomping at the bit. You’re locked into this Metal Alliance tour then I’m sure you’ve got some festival stuff in Europe. What’s the tentative play for writing sessions?

Frank: (laughs) You sound like my manager you know that?! (laughs) We have a South American tour after Metal Alliance and the offers just keep coming in. Like you mentioned we have a European festival run this summer then we’ll get deep into full Anthrax writing mode in September. You can see that we’re getting the itch to write new music. Guys are starting get ideas recorded which is how it all starts.

Ruben: In this cycle of interviews for the promotion of Worship Music I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to everyone in the band some twice that is with the exception of Scott (Ian). The guy has been illusive but when I catch up with him it’ll be killer. I spoke with Rob (Caggiano) on a couple of occasions and the two times I spoke to the guy he seemed genuinely stoked about being in Anthrax, the ‘Worship Music’ album and touring. Then a few months ago he up and quit the band. There was a recent quote from Rob where he said something to the affect that he wasn’t all that into the music? He certainly fooled me. I saw a couple Anthrax shows on this tour and he looked ‘into’ it.

Frank: I love Rob. I’m at a point in my life where I just want people to be happy. If you’re not happy somewhere then move on. I think people would assume that there would be some animosity but there isn’t. I don’t feel that way. I feel very fortunate that we have Jon Donais from Shadows Fall stepping in on guitar. It’s all good, I love Rob we’re still friends. If you’re not happy somewhere then move on. I thought he had left to do more production but then he joined Volbeat. That’s a great band. We’re all good like I said earlier I just want people to be happy.

Ruben: From an outsider’s perspective it didn’t appear like you guys hit the panic button when Rob decided to leave the band. If I recall the dates were announced and the tour was booked. Did you guys freak?

Frank: Not at all. We had Jon available and we know him well—it was a no brainer. At this point in our career we don’t panic because we’ve been around the block a few times. We know things will be fine because we’ve been there before. I guess it’s our New York mentality. Panic? It’s not even in our vocabulary.

Ruben: Rob was with you guys for over a decade. Have you thought at all about a replacement at this point?

Frank: Yeah he was in the band for 11-12 years. No, not at this point. Jon’s playing with us and we’ll see how this goes. I don’t think anyone’s even thinking about that right now. We’re having a great fucking time man. We’re getting well with Jon he’s a fantastic guitar player and we’ll just see how it goes when it comes to writing for the next record. We’ll approach the next record who we’ve done records in the past. Charlie, Scott and I will head into our rehearsal space and bang out some song ideas—that’s how it starts.

Ruben: You stepped aside from Anthrax for a little bit and watched someone take over your role in the band. How weird was that for you?

Frank: Well as you know I went on and played with Helmet for a couple of years. We needed a break from each other. I think that made us stronger as a band. That was a great time for me in Helmet—I had a blast and I just love those guys. Page (Hamilton) is a great guy and Johnny Tempesta played drums. I think that experience made me a better person and a better bass player and all of the above. It made me realize that I’m a lucky guy and that I love playing bass. Then the reunion with Anthrax happened and that was great. Here we are now, it’s been non-stop fun since. It was a fun time man, it was all positive. Joey Vera one of my best friends was playing bass in Anthrax. When I was on tour with Helmet I actually went to see Anthrax with Joey playing bass in the band. I had a day off and I took in the show, it was a blast. It was absolutely amazing to see them. It was just needed thing—that’s all.

Read more at Metal Titans.



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GaryHolt Gary Holt has stated he’d never join Slayer full-time if it meant he had to quit his own band, Exodus.

He was hired by the band after guitarist Jeff Hanneman sustained a near-fatal spider bite in 2011, and has been standing in ever since.

Although, Holt won’t rule out taking the position on a permanent basis, he says it’ll only happen if he can stay with the band he’s been part of since 1980.

He tells Metal Titans:, “Not if it meant the end of what I’ve doing doing all my life. I’ve been filling in for just over two years now and I’m booked all year with them. But I’m keeping the work going with Exodus. I’ve been doing a lot of riff-writing on tour. In the summer with Slayer I’m taking a little digital recording rig with me, so I can continue to working on stuff in hotel rooms.”

Slayer are currently performing with two temporary members after they dropped drummer Dave Lombardo following a contractual disagreement.

King recently said he hadn’t spoken to Hanneman “in forever,” leading him to wonder whether he planned to return at all.

Discussing the band’s next album he said, “It’s all my stuff for now. I did that just in case – I don’t know what Jeff’s intentions are. I wanted to have Slayer covered in case he doesn’t come to the party.”

He also responded positively to the suggestion of Holt becoming a full-time Slayer man: “If Gary played with us for ever, I’m okay with that.”

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lynchmobunpkug Lynch Mob have posted video footage of their live unplugged performance from from SugarHill Recording Studios. The half-hour show includes an unplugged performance by the band in SugarHilla’s historic “Studio A” as well as an in-depth interview with hosts Dan Workman and Gina Miller.

Legendary Dokken guitarist George Lynch, vocalist Oni Logan, bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Brian Tichy, supported by percussionist Tyson Sheth, play a one-of-a-kind acoustic Lynch Mob set.

This episode was recorded while Lynch Mob was touring in support of their album Sound Mountain Sessions released on Rat Pak Records. The band performs smokin’, soulful versions of their hits Wicked Sensation, River Of Love, Where Do You Sleep At Night and All I Want.

On March 26th Lynch Mob released the EP Unplugged, featuring the same rare acoustic sessions and a bonus 15 minute interview track through Rat Pak Records. The Limited Print Collectors Edition EP is now available for purchase at

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