bretmichaelsflamehat Bret Michaels faced a medical emergency on May 29th, cutting short a concert in Manchester, New Hampshire after suffering extremely low blood sugar, the Associated Press reports. The singer – who has battled with diabetes since childhood – was forced to leave the stage after three songs and was being monitored by paramedics that night.

Michaels’ guitarist, Pete Evick, confirmed the singer’s health issues in a post on Michaels’ official website. “In the nine years I’ve stood next to him, I’ve never seen a look like the one on his face, as if I was a complete stranger,” Evick writes. “One of the crew returned instantly to notify me that Bret’s sugar was extremely low. . . He returned to the stage to announce that he could not continue. As you all know, he is a health fanatic and fiercely monitors his blood sugar; he basically had to be dragged off the stage in his sickest of conditions.”

Evick says the singer’s condition was so bad that “he could barely speak,” yet Michaels insisted that the guitarist apologize to their fans. Michaels’ team also thanked the medical crew in a tweet: “Sending a shout out 2 all the paramedics both on & off duty who assisted Bret tonight,” wrote “Team Bret.” “No words can thank you enough for ur help.”

According to Michaels’ webite, due to this health scare, his show tonight (May 30th) in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The site says “as doctors have ordered him to let the flu virus run it’s course and let his blood sugar rebalance and remain consistent. While hoping to perform tomorrow in Albany, type 1 diabetes complicates health issues such as the nora flu virus and must be monitored and taken very seriously.”

Michaels has battled a number of health issues in the past several years. In early 2011, the Poison frontman underwent successful surgery to repair a hole in his heart; a problem that had existed since birth, but was only discovered in 2010 when the singer was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. Nonetheless, he’s remained musically active, releasing a collaboration-heavy solo album, Jammin’ With Friends, in 2013.

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  • doug r. on

    Diabetes, brain hemorrhage, hole in the heart, remains musically active, what a trooper! Now that’s what you call a rocker! Keep rockin’ Bret, ride the wind!

  • rob on

    Hope his wig didn’t fall off.. that could be embarrassing ….keep rocking Brett, Hope poison tours again soon

  • Tyler on

    Ahh with a pucker like that how could he possibly be low in sugar. Not making light of his serious medical condition… but there really isnt much to choose between him and Tim McGraw…same dude.

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