buckcherry400 Buckcherry have parted ways with longtime bassist Jimmy Ashurst but have not revealed the circumstances surrounding the split.

Confirming the news on their official website, Buckcherry vowed “not to air dirty laundry in public” but, insisted it was in the best interests of the band.

The statement reads, “With heavy hearts and with great difficulty, we have decided to part ways with our longtime bandmate Jimmy Ashhurst. This was not an easy decision, nor was it a rash decision made in haste.

It’s not our desire to air dirty laundry or inner band circumstances that brought about this result. Every band has its issues, and while we have gone to great lengths to minimize them and work through them, this band has had its own issues like any other.”

Ashurst posted the following comments via his Facebook page prior to the official announcement of his departure:

“Over a month ago now the band collectively decided that they would prefer to proceed without me.

If you’re looking for a reason you’ll need to ask them, since the one they gave me of my being ‘unhappy’ and of them ‘doing-me-a-favor-to-release-me-from-this-torment’ isn’t really resounding with the ‘Ring of Truth’.”

Bassist Kelly LeMieux (Fear, Paul Gilbert) will be filling in for the rest of their 2013 touring schedule.

Buckcherry are due to release The Best Of Buckcherry on October 29th.

source: classicrockmagazine.com

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  • Frank Smith on

    This isn’t surprising. Jimmy was the bassist for Izzy Stradlin & the JuJu Hounds years ago and its been well documented the personal struggles he has had. Beyond that, he seems bent on hanging on to negativity and continues to trash Stradlin in the press some 20 years after the fact. Its a shame because he is truly talented.

  • charley rains on

    Smitty: if u don’t know what you’re talking about then keep it shut.Jimmy was forced out

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