BrianJohnson AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson posted a news update on his car-racing website by writing that he would need to take a break from his U.K. TV series Cars That Rock in the near future due to “the slight distraction of my day job with AC/DC.” Adding, “It looks very likely that we will be on the road again before the end of the year….Stand by for more music.”

Back in April of this year, the band made an official announcement that it would be moving forward on a new album without one of its founding members, rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, who would be “taking a break from the band due to ill health.”

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  1. For all of you who say they should wait for Malcolm or shouldnt record an album or can’t because he’s a huge part of the creativity, how do any of you know that the songs haven’t already been written and he’s just not playing?? How do any of you know the actual shape of Malcolm? If HE is telling them to go on, doesn’t that make any of you feel IT’S OK??? And do we really think Angus would just tell his brother SEE YA BRO GOTTA MAKE A RECORD???? Come on people, if he isn’t there then you can damn well expect a REALLY good reason…And it’s not a money grab that they are doing…Black Ice was excellent and the concerts for that tour were amazing…Lastly, has anyone ever heard the term artist?? These bands are not trained monkeys put on the planet to entertain you personally…artists express themselves and if they want to keep going who are any of you or me to tell them they shouldn’t?? JESUS!!!!!!

    1. AC/DC has been in semi-retirement for some 15 years sporadically making albums and doing a lighter workload on tours. They are worth a boat load of money so they are not highly motivated to release any new music. If they are to release any new music it would be with the formula they’ve been using for some 40 years. AC/DC is a band that is not about change. And yeah, bands are put on this planet to entertain us, that’s how they get their fanbase. So when the fans have an opinion about something that pertains to the band that doesn’t mean the band is going to do it. It’s just fans putting in their two cents.

      And you talk about the artists freedom of expression. You’ve turned it into a one-way street. According to you, the fans do not have that right to express themselves only the artists do. The price you pay for putting up an emotional post.

    2. It is a one way street…it’s their band not yours and you don’t have to buy or listen…And I certainly feel fans or anyone can voice their opinions, that’s what fan sites are for, or commentary like this is, but many who post here speak as if every move these bands make are because of some devious plan…so those posts are ludicrous and as these bands get older, they have to deal with the loss of some players…take Judas Priest for example…a lot of people have said it is a money grab because they are without KK and backEd off on retirement…How do we know they werent talked into retirement because KK didn’t want to play anymore and then realized they had more music in them, so they let him go and continued… All these people saying ACDC should wait for Malcolm are out of their minds because do we not think there may be something REALLY bad with him, that he doesn’t want to get into publicly…FANS DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS OTHER THAN TO NOT BUY OR LISTEN…PERIOD. And if the “price I pay for putting out an emotional post” is to hear from you I honestly couldn’t give a shit…And I really love how you know what they are thinking…”not motivated to release new music because they have a boatload of money”???? That’s right, thanks for making my point as you clearly feel they are only in it for the money…YOU are exactly the type of “fan” I am talking about…way to minimalize their 40 years. Fans can have any opinion based on fact and people like YOU are basing your commentary on nothing more than what YOU think not fact….unless you are in the band or personally know the reasons behind this situation you have no idea what you are talking about…”the price you pay for putting out a ridiculous post”

  2. Bill, I agree that it’s the band’s decision and I saw the tour for Blow Up Your Video album and they were great. I’ll support them and love them no matter what. It’s just that I am a guitar player and wanted to be one since I first heard the Powerage album. Malcolm is THE guy behind that band, musically and otherwise and always has been. Angus himself has said that. If they want to record without Malcolm then they can do so and I’m sure he’ll give them his blessing. But does it make sense at this point in their career to do anything without Malcolm? It’s 2014.

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