Pete Evick is one of the hardest working men in rock and roll.  From leading the Bret Michaels Band to his production and engineering gigs, running an independent retail business and releasing his own single barrel Bourbon he still finds time to sit down and write. And, he now returns with his second book, MTV Famous, – written alongside Steve Olivas –  the highly anticipated follow up to his award winning first opus, The Moments That Make Us, which can be purchased from Amazon.

Keeping with the inspirational theme of that first book but this time a bit more wide open, MTV Famous focuses solely on Evick’s musical journey with over 30 years of memories about the ups, downs, trials and tribulations of the music biz; from high school talent shows to playing in front of up to 115,000 crazed fans with one of his childhood heroes turned best friend, Bret Michaels.
So, what does MTV Famous mean exactly? ‘”MTV famous’ is my way of saying that what I wanted wasn’t the money or the glamour. In fact, to me, growing up, MTV famous meant that I wrote or co-wrote a song that resonated so much with people that it was played on MTV. What I wanted was to be part of something special, emotional, and powerful. I wanted to make people happy. I wanted to help make everyone’s day better … just like MTV did for me. No matter where I was and no matter what I was doing, I knew that in the summer of 1984 – at 4:00pm – the Panama video was going to play and I had to be in front of the TV to see it. That’s what MTV famous means in this book. I wanted to make someone feel the way I felt when I rushed home to see the Mama Weer All Crazee Now video, or the Wanted Dead or Alive or Fallen Angel videos.” Included in the book are anecdotes from Pete about starting his first band in high school, the debauchery of touring in a van in the 90’s to joining the Bret Michaels Band and touring the world.
 Below are a few quotes from just a few of Pete’s heroes who he now calls his friends:
“Pete Evick is a journeyman rocker who has helped keep some timeless music alive and kicking for decades now. Bottomline? Pete ROCKS!”- Dee Snider 
“Beyond being a great person and musician, Pete is also a passionate rock fan. Something I can always relate to being one myself. I always look forward to swapping stories about our favorite groups whenever I get the chance to see him” – Eddie Trunk
“Pete’s the real deal! I first met him in ‘91 when he was 18 and opening for my solo band, and he went on to be the musical director for Bret Michaels for 20 years and counting. I had a great time working with him in the studio, and he has certainly carried the rock and roll torch way up high!” – Ace Frehley 
“When I first met Pete he was opening for me at Nissan Pavillion in Virginia, I’m always interested and supportive of local music, I watched for two days as his band shot a music video, I had not seen anyone with his work ethic and passion for what he was doing in a long time.  When the time came for me to change music directors I gave Pete a shot, and here we are 20 years later touring arenas and amphitheaters all over the world, recording hit songs and having a blast. His creativity, passion, and work ethic are just as they were 20 years ago and through it all he has become one of my very best friends.” – Bret Michaels 

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