michaela Former Van Halen and current Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony called into to Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Eddie Trunk Live, on Monday, April 9th, to discuss the passing of famed producer Andy Johns. In addition to discussing Johns, and other topics, Eddie asked Anthony a question about his former bandmate David Lee Roth. His response to the question appears below.

When raising the point that David Lee Roth stated in recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine that he would like Anthony back in the band and missed his vocals, the bassist said: “It was flattering to hear Dave talk like that. He never used to talk like that when we were all playing together. [laughs] But hey… I really don’t know what to say to that. It was flattering that he said that. And, obviously, I’m the kind of guy that… water under the bridge. I don’t hold any kind of grudges for anything, and you never know what will happen at anytime…. At this point in your life and career and whatever, the career aside, it’s more about the friendship and just people. And if the music side of it, if that happens, if that comes about, all the better, but that’s not what it’s really about at this point.”

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  • PJ Schwackhammer on

    Mike is the best guy in rock, and he’s never gotten his due as a musician.

    I used to go along with the “luckiest dude in the world” thinking regarding him, but then I heard a bunch of Van Halen demos (both incarnations) without his backing vocals, and it is a NIGHT AND DAY difference. Just a huge impact. And for everybody who thinks he can’t play bass, check out the Chicenfoot records. I can’t say I really care for most of the songs they’ve done, but you can finally hear Mike play (he’s buried in the mix on all the Van Halen albums–Eddie apparently won’t let anybody hear the bass until it’s played by his kid), and he’s terrific.

    • Ryan on

      PJ, I also found one of the best parts of the Chickenfoot albums was actually getting to hear Michael’s bass. Time to time, I like to rewatch that Rocklahoma performance from last year and hear him tear it up live.

  • Todd on

    I’ll be the first in line to see them and buy their next CD if Michael comes back. Also, thanks to David Lee Roth for speaking up to this point, despite the potential objection of others involved.

  • Steve on

    It would be nice to see MA chugging on E string again with VH.

  • Jeff Hawkins on

    I think that VH were a much better sounding band with Sammy. I love Chickenfoot! I love the way Sammy & Michael sound together. If Sammy does make another VH record, there will be drama, becouse there always is with Eddie!! And after that last crapy R.H.C.P. record, hopefully Chad Smith will join Chickenfoot full time & make another Chickenfoot record!!

  • bigsled on

    When Eddie asked Roth back. Roth should have just said , Michael too or no deal. I bet any money( well maybe not) that Eddie would have. What other choice would Eddie have had ? Bring back Sammy ? No way !! 1st it was no way to Roth then after 04 it was no way to Sammy . Eddie’s a douche !

    I went to VH on the diver down and 1984 tour’s for 12.00 ticket price’s. One of the best shows i’ve ever been to and i’ve been to over 1000 . Their will never be another VH………… But…………..I could not go when Roth came back because of not having Michael . And it sucks but I have no regrets. Its absolutely ridiculous that Anthony is not in the band !

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