Glenn Hughes says Ritchie Blackmore invited him to be part of the recent Rainbow shows – but he refused his former colleague’s offer.

The ex Deep Purple bassist and vocalist, who shared the band’s microphone duties with newcomer David Coverdale in the 1970s, explains that he didn’t want to be part of a 21st-century lineup featuring relatively unknown singer Ronnie Romero.

And he’s also confirmed that Black Country Communion will release their reunion album in May next year.

Asked about Blackmore’s three Rainbow appearances, which took place in June, Hughes tells Hard Rock Haven, “He asked me to do it with him. And I said ‘no’ because he wanted to, funny enough, he wanted to use an unknown singer.

“I said, ‘It’s not me. It’s not me to do that.’ I’ve done that with David, and it was good. I don’t want to do it again. I said very eloquently, ‘No thank you. I really would like to see you, but I can’t do this at the point where I am right now.’”

Black Country Communion this year confirmed they’d get back together following a split in 2012 partly caused by Hughes and guitarist Joe Bonamassa failing to agree on touring plans.

Hughes reports the follow-up to Afterglow will be recorded between January 3rd and 11th, then released on May 21st and continues, “I’m not going to say we’re touring, because I don’t have a schedule of that.

Joe and I have decided we would like to play some shows, but there’s nothing booked because I’m going to be busy next year and so is he.

My first priority is my band. I’d love to play with Black Country – but let’s be real. You just never know. Funny thing is, now Black Country are getting back together and I’m solo. It’s really what I want to do. It’s the first thing for me now.”

He’s continuing work on a solo album, set to feature Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith in a guest role. Hughes says, “It’s heavy in content lyrically and it’s musically heavy, but it’s got a lot of groove. I think it’s quite dramatic and there’s a lot of light and shade. But the emphasis is really heavy grooves, and that’s what I write.”

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  1. I wonder if Richie will concur. I can see why Richie might want a veteran in the mix for his few shows. I’m also a big fan of Black Country Communion as well. If the recent Rainbow shows come out on DVD, I will definitely buy that.

  2. Sounds weird to me. Glenn would pass up a handful of shows to play with Ritchie because of a unknown singer? I mean shit you didnt even check the singer out to see if he had the pipes ? What do you have to lose ? I would be interested to see if Ritchie comments on this. If this is true though Glenn your freaking dumb,lol.

  3. watching the youtube clips romero is no longer unknown -he is an amazing singer , sounds like a cross between dio & coverdale in their prime! what a voice –

  4. This claim from Hughes definitely caught a lot of people off guard, but having followed Blackmore for three decades, I have to conclude that the only predictable thing about him is his unpredictability.

    At the RRHOF press conference, Roger Glover said something to the effect that he half expected Blackmore to show up at any minute, even though the guitarist had repeatedly saying he wouldn’t.

    In all the decades of interviews he’s given, I haven’t seen him mention Hughes’s name more than once or twice. Perhaps he gave this invite to Hughes as compensation for Coverdale bowing out of a previously proposed reunion.

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