Iconic bassist Bob Daisley has posted the following at his official website:

“Hi everyone,

At last, my autobiography For Facts Sake is ready to roll. It covers my whole life and my fifty-year career in music, and features everyone that I’ve ever worked with-Chicken Shack, Mungo Jerry, Widowmaker, Rainbow, The Blizzard of Ozz, Uriah Heep, Ozzy (and Sharon) Osbourne, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, the notorious Don Arden, and too many others to mention here. The stories reveal some interesting and, until now, unknown facts about many of these artists and characters, and with more than 460 photos throughout the text, it provides a pictorial view of my journey.

I wanted to make it affordable for the many fans that have given their support, I hope that it lives up to your expectations. Thanks to you all.

Bob Daisley.”

Signed copies can also be orders for no extra charge. The book costs £18.99p ($29.12) + postage & packing. If you wish to purchase more than one copy, please contact [email protected].

The book measures 11″ x 7.5″ (280 x 190 mm) and is an inch thick, there are over 460 photographs, mostly color, the majority of which were taken by Daisley and have remained in his personal archives until now.

This is a limited offer and end on the July 28th. Orders received after that date will not be eligible for a signed copy.

For Facts Sake will be released August.

Please visit for more information and to purchase a copy of the book.

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  1. This should be a great read. Not sure I’d spend $30 for it, but I’d love to check it out. No question in my mind that Daisley was a key writer for the Ozzy solo stuff. Ozzy’s material was never as good after BD was out of the picture. I think rock ‘n roll is full of guys like Bob who never got their credit. They’re like the key blocker or lineman for the star quarterback or running back. They aren’t missed till they’re gone.

  2. Boo Bloody Hoo. You wrote great songs and you re an excellent bassist. Everyone knows this. Stop complaining about Sharon and Ozzy. Ozzy is metal music s biggest star ever, hands down. You ve been slighted in various ways as has Lee Kerslake and Jake E. Lee. Without Ozzy no one would care about any of you guys. This website wouldn’t t even exist. That being said URIAH HEEP s ABOMINOG is a lost classic and the real follow up to DIARY OF A MADMAN. Either write classic songs and play bass , or bite off doves heads and piss on historic sites. Your contributions are renowned. Form a supergroup like Glenn Hughes did.

    1. “Ozzy is metal musics biggest star ever.”

      Yep, and the only reason for that is because he surrounded himself with top notch musicians like Bob Daisley due to Ozzy being pretty much talentless when it came to song writing! He knew that and so did his vile wife!

      Without Daisley, Kerslake, Soussan, Rhoads etc, Ozzy would be in prison, the gutter or the grave!

  3. Bob was very much instrumental in those first two Ozzy albums. That’s why he was called back for the Bark at the Moon record. Listen closely to the bass lines on those songs. Very intelligent, thought out melodic lines that complimented the stuff Randy was playing. Also a great lyricist. That was Bob. And if you were owed money for your contributions, albums that saved Ozzy’s career, I would be a little ticked myself. At least this book won’t be about all the dope I smoked and how I almost OD’d etc…

  4. Sharron is an efficient manager , like her father was. She is a shrewd business woman. She learned that Ozzy never wrote much of the Black Sabbath material, Geezer did. So she needed to hire a lyric writer, a song writer for Ozzy’s new band in 1980. The man they were lucky enough to find was bassist Bob Daisley , an experienced music producer and session man and writer. He turned Ozzy’s autobiographical -out- of- body LSD experience into “Over the Mountain” He wrote a song about Ozzy’s drinking problem titled “Suicide Solution” . Ozzy only came up with the first line of the song ” Wine is fine , but whiskey’s quicker”. Bob remained silent about his dealings with the Osbournes until Sharron decided to re-record all of the bass and drum tracks on the first two albums “Blizzard’ and ” Diary”… with touring musicians in order to stiff Bob of royalties. Bob had won a righteous law suit against them in 1996, and now, more truth “For Fact’s Sake!!!!!!! . This is the long awaited auto biography of he man behind the Madman. Feast your eyes on the corrupt truth. I hope Eddie Trunk interviews Bob on his TV show, Sharron would HATE that!

    1. There’s only one little flaw in your comment here. When Blizzard of Ozz was founded Sharon wasn’t around the band. That was not until later towards the creation of Diary. So saying that Sharon needed a a lyric and songwriter for Ozzy’s new band is not quite accurate. Although I’m sure she thought that way further down the line when she came back to Bob for his services for Bark, Sin, No Rest and No more tears.

  5. Hey Ed
    Get Bob to come on TMS. I think Bob is just putting the record straight. Got the book yesterday and it is very interesting. Bob is very honest, detailed and the fact that he can recount all this stuff as he has written diaries since 1976, shows that it is not some thrown together story.
    Sharon/Ozzy have tried to re write history here for years and it is good that the facts are finally brought to the masses for not only Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake, but most importantly the man who is no longer here, Randy Rhoads.
    Randys brother Kelle wrote the forward to Bob’s book and he sounds very appreciative that this record of his brothers work is now told correctly.
    Look at the Ozzy solo set. It is still made up of those first two albums. Ozzy is a talent no doubt, but he would not be wear he is today with Bob, Randy and Lee Kerslake.

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