Thanks to all for watching the latest season of TMS. Our final new episode of the season aired over the weekend with Buck from BOC & Kix. We did many new things, had a new set, and really did a relaunch of sorts of the show. Most of the reaction was very positive to many of the new things. We will all evaluate what did and didn’t work and continue to strive to improve the show. As always, VH1 has all final say as to what we do and when we do it. Hoping to hear a schedule on next tapings from them soon. Looking like taping late Oct with air dates toward end of the year. But nothing set yet and again, ALL decisions are the networks. The next few months will be replays of our 12 seasons and more than 100 episodes. So set those DVRs to record all episodes and catch up on what you may have missed. Thanks to all the guests and most of all you guys for watching TMS and our latest season of shows!


Also much about my rant on the term “Hair Metal” in the episode. 99% positive response to that which I appreciate. My feelings on it were all expressed in the rant. I have always tried to have all the genres of music I love treated with respect and it has always baffled me that some have no idea the negative history of this tag. Just a few episodes ago Jake E Lee expressed how he could not get work because he was considered “Hair Metal”. Kind of supports my point on how many view this tag as style over substance, which in many cases it is not. And for those pointing out I do a show on a satellite channel called “Hair Nation” I of course didn’t name it or ask to be on that channel (was on Boneyard for years before Sharon Osbourne removed me) and I call it TRUNK Nation when I am on. People can use whatever terms they want. This is simply my opinion and I think it helps raise the level of how the music is viewed to not have it referred to by it’s look, which everyone had in that decade. Just my 2 cents..


Saw the film The Conjuring yesterday. I enjoyed it. Not a fan of all the crazy over the top action films, 3D, IMAX, etc. This was just a good story and the theater was packed. Good to see people coming out for just good stories, which are my favorite films.


I’ll be live today 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNK Nation.


New Michael Monroe album sounds great. Loved the last one as well.


Hope to have all of the first leg of my book signing for VOL 2 announced here soon. Starts 9/24.

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  1. I hope they do play all of the TMS repeats, missing about 25 of the early ones, they’ve been replaying the same group of episodes for a while,I need that old stuff!!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with the comment Mike posted regarding “hair metal”. I have zero problem and see Eddie’s point but its not entirely valid. Just as Mike said the bands of the era went out of their way to emphasize their hair. It got bigger and bigger and more exaggerated until the focus was no longer on the music but on the visual. They did do it to themselves as Mike said earlier. The bands that Eddie refers to in his rant that feel the term “hair metal” is a derogatory one are probably some of the same bands that went over the top with it: Cinderella, Poison, Ratt, and on and on. When times were great I’m sure they didn’t mind but as with all good things it had to come to an end. All in all though the true fans get it no matter what you call it…

  3. Buck was on Hear ‘n Aid!!! I’m not saying BOC are underrated but they don’t get much tv exposure, so this was a great TMS episode, in my opinion. Check out Iced Earth’s covers of Cities On Flame with Rock and Roll & Burnin’ For You.

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