As previously reported, Art Of Anarchy, featuring new singer, Scott Stapp (Creed), will be releasing their new album, The Madness, on March 24th.

The band has posted a new lyric video for the gripping track No Surrender, which is also the instant-grat track, along with The Madness on all digital pre-orders starting tomorrow, Feb 24th. Listen to the song, below.

Stapp states: In No Surrender, I addressed those moments in life where you’ve reached a personal crossroads or crisis. That place where your back is against the wall and your left with two choices; cave in and crumble allowing whatever circumstance to break you forever, or to rise up and fight through holding on to that never give up spirit that lies deep within. I detail in the verses personal experiences, as I lived them, that have taken me to that critical place of choice. Am I to give up, stay down and fade away or get up, fight on and never surrender.”

To watch a video for The Madness, please click here.

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