Earlier this month, the nominees for 2020’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame were announced.

In a recent interview with Anthrax’s Charlie Benante on Eddie’s Sirius XM’s Trunk Nation, the topic of the Rock Hall was brought up – with the drummer saying his band deserve to be inducted into the famed hall.

He said, “The reason why I think we should be nominated for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is because of the stamp that we made on rock and heavy metal music.

If it wasn’t for us, there would be a lot of bands that wouldn’t be around today. I don’t mean to sound, ‘Oh, this guy’s got a huge ego,’ but we introduced a lot of people to rap music and to that whole style that became nu metal.

We never really talk about it too much, but since you brought it up, yeah. I think that’s more important to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, because of what genre it created and that genre created another genre.”

Anthrax formed in 1981 and have released 11 studio albums, with their most recent being 2016’s For All Kings.

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  • MikeyMan on

    More worthy than Janet Jackson? Absolutely!
    But, to take credit for influencing Nu Metal is a stretch.

    • Dana on

      One could argue and that not everyone enjoyed the Rap/Rock crossover, and thought that it was worthy of becoming its own genre, right Doug R.? LOL!!

    • Doug R. on

      Rock mixed with Rap equals CRAP!! Rap mixed with ANYTHING equals CRAP!! Anthrax should be ashamed of themselves, acting like they did a good thing by “introducing” Rap to alot of young people, and then thinking they’re Hall Of Fame worthy for that? What a joke! Everybody talks about fake news, well what about fake music? Because that’s what Rap is – fake “music!”

  • Michael Monet on

    That is absolutely true. The first rap record that I purchased was I’M THE MAN. It was terrific. I’m not a huge rap fan but that song did introduce me to the genre. The way that they were dressed on the cover was also original and cool. They did pave the way for KID ROCK and countless others. Great point Charlie. The RRHOF is total s–t but yes ANTHRAX is a very significant contributor to music in general.

  • Rattlehead on

    First, I credit Aerosmith for introducing rap music to rock, not Anthrax. Secondly, IMO, rockers “promoting” rap is not a good thing. So I disagree with Charlie, and Anthrax should not be inducted into the RRHOF…but the Hall is so clueless, it will probably happen anyway…..

    • Dana on

      First, I credit Aerosmith for introducing rap music to rock

      Much to Doug R.’s chagrin, I agree with this, I blame Aerosmith. 😉

    • Doug R. on

      Once again, the words “Rap,” and “music” do not go, and or belong together! There is no such thing as “Rap music!” What Steven Tyler and Joe Perry did in ’86 was a mistake and a disgrace! Now I love Aerosmith as much as anybody, but that blemish (only on Steven and Joe) is nothing to be proud of, I wrote it off immediately like as if it never happened, and to me, it didn’t! Bad decision, worst decision they ever made, I blame the drugs! They’re human, they f–ked up, but it was only a one time thing, unlike Anthrax, who (from what I heard) made a career out of disgracing real music with rappers! (Eye roll)

  • Tiny Music on


    • Doug R. on

      Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of those bands, really like some of their songs, really dislike some of their songs. Biggest dislike is “Give It Away,” oh man I really HATE that song! Totally annoying! Songs I really like include ~ “Behind The Sun,” “Parallel Universe,” “Soul To Squeeze,” there are several others that I really like, but I’m just too tired to remember right now!

    • Doug R. on

      Just remembered 2 more to the good ~ “Warped,” and “By The Way.” I don’t love the Peppers, but I don’t hate ’em either, it just depends on the song.

  • dcinsc7 on

    If Anthrax enjoys rap music and they are proud of their melding of the genres, then Doug R shouldn’t have an issue with it. It’s not CRAP if Anthrax wants to mix metal with rap. It’s nice to create something new. We all know the real reason Doug R is so antagonistic and dismissive to rap. I’m all for rock artists who want to indulge and pursue other musical interests and create something unique. Public Enemy is in the Hall, so yeah, it’s time for Anthrax to join their musical partners.

    • Doug R. on

      Oh really? Go ahead and say it, and don’t act like you’re speaking for anybody else (we all know) what’s the “real” reason? You are such a typical idiot who thinks just because someone doesn’t like Rap that they are a racist, am I right? Grow the f–k up already! I am the biggest Motown, old school R&B, Jazz, Funk, and Soul (along with Rock & Metal) fan you’ll ever find you piece of sh-t!! I have every album ever made by Kool & The Gang, Earth Wind & Fire, Commodores, Spinners, Gap Band, Rick James, Marvin Gaye, just to name a few, I could go on and on, but you aren’t worth anymore of my time, I’m done with immature idiots like you dcinsc7 or whatever.

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