89Anthrax has just made available a taste of the band’s upcoming EP Anthems, due out March 19 (Megaforce).  “Anthem,” the band’s cover of the classic Rush song, can be heard here.

In addition to the EP’s cover art, each of the cover songs will have its own special artwork, each one based on the tracks’ original album cover art, but subtly “reimagined” by Anthrax’s Charlie Benante and artist Stephen Thompson.


The eight-track Anthems EP pays tribute to the classic songs by some of Anthrax’s favorite bands from the 1970s.  In addition to Rush’s “Anthem,” the track listing includes Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak,” “TNT” by AC/DC, Boston’s “Smokin’,” “Big Eyes” by Cheap Trick, Journey’s “Keep on Runnin,” as well as the album version and a special remix of Anthrax’s “Crawl” from the band’s critically-acclaimed 2011 album Worship Music.


Anthems was produced by Anthrax, Jay Ruston and Rob Caggiano, and recorded for the most part throughout 2012 literally all over the world:  at Benante’s home studio, in Ruston’s New York studio, on the band’s tour bus while on last summer’s Mayhem Tour, in hotel rooms, and backstage at their Berlin show last December.


Anthems EP Cover Art:

Anthems Final Cover

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  1. Awesome version of one of my favorite 70’s Rush tunes! The bass, guitar solo and ESPECIALLY the drums were very faithful to the original. And Joey sounds fantastic! Great job, Anthrax! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP!

  2. This does not suprise me Joey has a little known side cover band called Big Chief Way that plays in Central NY from time to time in between breaks with Anthrax some of their vids are posted on youtube check them out

  3. Fucken A these guys pulled it off, I can only say that as a huge fan of Anthrax they are awesome in every way. I go way back with Anthrax as well as with Rush, thank the Universe for both.

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