joeybelladonna400 Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna has discussed his recent comments about being “only allowed so much friendship” with his bandmates.

He insists he didn’t mean to suggest there were problems within the ranks, but admits he’d still prefer to have a closer relationship with the rest of the band.

Back in February Belladonnna said: “I don’t think I’ve ever really found my place with this band. They were open to me, but they weren’t doing anything to make me feel it was going to be the best thing in the world. It was more businesslike.”

Now he tells Rocksverige: “I don’t necessarily say that we’re not getting along. When I grew up playing with people in my hometown, we’d hang together. We just don’t. But that doesn’t mean we’re not [d]oing what we need to do – my intentions were not to make things [out] like we’re just a mess.”

He’s sure the situation isn’t an intentional one, but says: “I’m always picking at people and trying to get them to open up and maybe talk. A lot of people don’t want to do it, and that’s fine, but I’m not that kind of guy. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re dealing with until you talk to people. Maybe you can get something off your chest and maybe something can actually be resolved by it.”

Belladonna admits guitarist Scott Ian spoke to him about his previous comments. “Scott asked me, ‘We’re trying to keep things positive, right?’ Scott was on his promotional tour and doing his spoken-word – so what a great time to answer questions!”

Meanwhile, the vocalist continues work on material for the follow-up to Anthrax’s comeback album Worship Music. “We have a lot of stuff,” he says. “There could be around 15 or 16 songs at this point. I have three just finished. It’s going to be really intense and I don’t think we’ll let you down.”

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  • DR on

    I just hope this band sticks with Belladonna. They’re best music has always been with him at the mic. Worship Music was by far one of the best albums to come out last year and Joey’s voice just gets better with every new release.

    • Reggie on

      I agree….their best stuff is with Belladonna.

  • sar305 on

    Joey, have you tried JDate?

  • MrFurious on

    They talked a lot of crap about him when he wasn’t in the band and then talked about how great he was when they brought him back in. I think they just brought him back in to please the fans and nothing more.

  • Lee on

    Another Anthrax midget….bet he wants a stool and talk to fat guys in ’91 Anthrax shirts for 20 bucks a head. How bout breaking up.

  • Brian Burger on

    I really don’t think you’ll ever feel comfortable Joey they’re a lucky bunch and don’t realize it. The band without you were at a low point and not to bash John Bush but the band was completely different and more of a hard rock outfit. Always sleep with one eye open!

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