I hear much about the amount of ballads on this album, but nobody says it also has 15 songs on the standard edition, 20 on the deluxe. So even if you take out 4 ballads it’s still 11 rocking tunes. It is not a perfect album, but it is damn good. The production is warm and not over compressed. You hear everything. All the band members (still original) write and contribute. Many different sides and stuff that hints at classic Aerosmith. “Street Jesus”, “Luv XXX”, “Beautiful”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Oh Yeah”, all just vintage sounding Aerosmith. Joe Perry on vocals for two tracks “Freedom Fighter” and “Something” which also features Tyler on drums. The Zeppelin-ish Legendary Child features Tyler in top form, spitting out the story of the band in a way only he can. Monster riffing and the ageless Joey Kramer laying down the signature pocket like only he can. Having seen three live shows so far on the tour, the band STILL gets it done on stage too. Great accomplishment for a band at this stage in their career and after waiting so long for it they delivered. For me the best Aerosmith album since Pump. Also check out the band drawing in the CDs booklet, it was done by Slash when he was a kid. Pretty cool!amazon

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  • Jeremy Bednarski on

    Sorry, Eddie. I’ve got to agree with many of the comments that this CD just doesn’t cut it. Definitely a few highlights (Lover Alot, Street Jesus, Something), but way too many misses. I’ve got a full review at

    I was surprised to see so many complaints about Joe Perry singing. Granted, he doesn’t have the best voice, but the songs he does sing tend to be more suited to his style and usually rock pretty well. “Oh Yeah” would have been a much better song if he had sung lead and let Tyler do the backups instead of the crappy backup vocals on there now. Just my two cents. Thanks!

  • Kardashian on

    Which was both of those attention-grabbing as well as insightful!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Dave Balzano on

    I think this is overall a solid album, but not as cohesive as better latter period efforts (Permanant, Done With Mirror, Pump, and I’ll even add last portions of Get a Grip, and the largely dismissed, but not bad 9 Lives), as all of those albums seemed to have a better flow from song to song, and weren’t overlong. It’s not that there were too many ballads, but it bothers me that bands feel the need to put out 15-16 song CDs, when if they whittled it down to the best 10-12 songs, they wouldn’t wear out their listeners. On earlier efforts that fans regard as “classic”, that wasn’t the case. So, the new album, though quite solid for the most part is just overlong. The curring room floor or vault for future albums isn’t always a bad place to go. Ask the Stones, who actually shelved “Start Me Up” during the “Some Girls” sessions only to have it become one of their signature hits a few years later on “Tattoo You”

  • Lou on

    This band has not put out a “GREAT” album since “rock in a hard place” and yea I know Joe Perry and Brad Whitford were absent on that album but it still a great Aerosmith sounding album . “done with mirrors” was really good , “permanent vacation” was good , “pump” was good , and “get a grip” was good . “nine lives” was.. ok . “just push play” was a freaking joke . I hear some old school Aerosmith sound in “music from … ” , but the album as a whole ain’t nothing spectacular . Nothing will ever equal the amazing full blown Aerosmith sound of “Rocks” , period!

    • Jason Pinkney on

      Pump was just good? Get a grip was just good? No those were great albums. They sounded completely different from each other and were right next to each other. Any band would love to have either one of those on their resume. I respect your opinion so please respect mine. I think those albums are better than rocks. Although for its time Rocks was mind blowing. I’d venture to say toys was even better than rocks. Had they kept making the same record over and over , they’d be where the Band Boston is

  • eighties on

    yo eddie when are u going to stop playing all that wack new music on your RADIO SHOW.
    u open up the radio ahow this past friday with anthrax covering journey….COME ON FROM SO MANY CLASSICS FRON THEIR FIRST OR SECOND ALBUMS,,, u play new sucky music,, i dont understand,,UNLESS U GET PAID SOMEHOW TO PLAY IT, BE IT INTERVIEWS OR TV SHOWS OR WHAT NOT.. but u dumb us down with your crappy playlist on your radio show.,.. we get that the new music id their payday for TODAY FOR MOST OF THESE BANDS BUT THE NEW MUSIC U PLAY, with the exception of the new sabbath or the last ac/dc record,,99% of the new music u play is garbage,, but u got bills to pay so if u read this you wont give a f*^%k…but we the listners do because the radio stations are owned and controlled by just a few companies,,so your show gets full support to play that bullsh*t,, what we the listners need is a new classic hard rock dj, are is the real deal and only cares ABOUT THE LISTENERS THAT’S US FANS who made you eddie trunk, but now you sold out your fans big time…. just really sad times for us classic hard rock fans now…..

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