I hear much about the amount of ballads on this album, but nobody says it also has 15 songs on the standard edition, 20 on the deluxe. So even if you take out 4 ballads it’s still 11 rocking tunes. It is not a perfect album, but it is damn good. The production is warm and not over compressed. You hear everything. All the band members (still original) write and contribute. Many different sides and stuff that hints at classic Aerosmith. “Street Jesus”, “Luv XXX”, “Beautiful”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Oh Yeah”, all just vintage sounding Aerosmith. Joe Perry on vocals for two tracks “Freedom Fighter” and “Something” which also features Tyler on drums. The Zeppelin-ish Legendary Child features Tyler in top form, spitting out the story of the band in a way only he can. Monster riffing and the ageless Joey Kramer laying down the signature pocket like only he can. Having seen three live shows so far on the tour, the band STILL gets it done on stage too. Great accomplishment for a band at this stage in their career and after waiting so long for it they delivered. For me the best Aerosmith album since Pump. Also check out the band drawing in the CDs booklet, it was done by Slash when he was a kid. Pretty cool!amazon

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  • Pat Francis on

    This does not feel like a “band” album whatsoever! Tyler should have just made a solo album and gotten all the bullshit out of his system. When you have to wait 10 years between studio albums the expectations are just too high and this one did not meet them. Perry should not sing on an Aerosmith album… he just does have the chops. Vocally Keith Richards is more enjoyable than Joe Perry. We were promised a Jack Douglas produced 70’s sounding Aerosmith album and this is just more of what they did in the 90’s but not as good. Jack Douglas should never again produce an Aerosmith album. Not because he isn’t a good producer but because he is “too close” with the band. He is like the 6th member of Aerosmith and at this point just a “yes man.” The band needs to work with a task master that will tell them “this is not good enough.” If they ever make an album again I hope the boat is steered by someone who will make the band work to reclaim their success. In concert the band is still at the top of their game but their days as a recording entity have long since disappeared.

  • paco on

    I do like the record. It has at least 6 very strong songs. The highlights being “Oh Yeah”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Something”, “Beautiful” and “Legendary Child”. Now, my favorite Aerosmith records are NINE LIVES and PUMP. That being said…Goodnight!

  • Patrick on

    I though the first 4 songs were awful…but after getting past that, it became a very good album. I suspect that their albums would improve greatly if they weren’t beholden to the interests of a certain large record label. If they ever get to form their own record label, I’m sure their newfound freedom would allow for better material.

  • JDR on

    Sorry Eddie, this album is a turkey.

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