AceFrehley600 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley will release Space Invader, his first new solo album in five years, via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music) on June 24th, 2014. The album will include at least nine brand new original songs as well as a cover of Steve Miller’s The Joker. This album is the first release under Frehley’s new universal deal on eOne Music.

Frehley has released an official statement surrounding the exciting news:

“Life on Earth has been very good to me, and the body of work I’ve created over the years has withstood the test of time. Today I see no obstacles before me and my creativity has never been more fine tuned. Growing up in an Alien world has enhanced my senses and allowed me to succeed where others would have failed. The best is yet to come!”

Widely known as the original “Space Ace” and founding guitarist for 16 cumulative years (over 2 tenures) of the multi platinum selling rock band KISS, Frehley is demonstrably the most popular original member. In addition to having the best selling solo album career (vintage or current) among the original foursome, Frehley’s self titled Ace Frehley, released in 1978, went on to sell over one million copies, producing the only Top 40 single, “New York Groove,” from any of the legendary KISS solo albums; (peaking at #13). The massive hit was most recently featured in an episode of cult show Entourage and was also KISS’ second bestselling download in 2012, besting such KISS Army anthems as I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Beth and Calling Dr. Love even after 36 years.

Since departing from KISS, Frehley went on to release four more solo albums and one live EP including his most recent effort, Anomaly in 2009, which debuted at #27 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and received a welcoming response among critics. “Anomaly shows why many rock and metal guitarists list ‘Space Ace’ as a prime six-string influence,” said Rolling Stone.

Ace Frehley will participate in the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards show by presenting the Dimebag Darrell “Best Guitarist” Award alongside label-mate Zakk Wylde. The awards show will take place on April 23rd, 2014 at the Club Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now. Frehley comments, “It’s exciting to finally be part of the Golden Gods, awards and an honor to be part of any Dimebag memorial award. He was a friend, and I know everyone misses him, as do I.”

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  • shannon patrick mehaffey on

    When I went to purchase Anomaly at Best Buy in Hollywood Ace was there doing a signing . And he signed my copy, and looking at it …the way he singed his last name reads Tommy. So it’s signed Ace over Tommy with a card under it the has 9 in the top left, a sideways 8, (an infinity sign, or his attempt at a heart shape?) and then a 1 in lower right. My conclusion here is that Ace really doesn’t have any problem with Tommy.

  • wonder woman on

    Pete your a bully @and your friend steve can suck and egg!

  • Eldon on

    I’m excited to hear Ace’s album will finally be released soon, but I just can’t get my head around Ace doing The Joker, doesn’t seem like his speed at all, unless he totally revamped the song, I’m also wondering why Space Truckin’ was scraped, I thought he would have done a killer cover of that song. Nonetheless, I’m excited his finally releasing new music, just wish he could have given everyone a teaser, to wet out appetites.

  • Bryan on

    PETER CRISS- Eddie any word on Peters Rock album? This would if been the perfect time to realese it going into the RRHOF. Ace is doing it right marketing wise putting his record out at this time. On the sales numbers of Aces record versus Sonic Bust. Kiss had a exclusive deal with Wal Mart. Wal Mart loaded up copies of Sonic Bust in all of its stores. I stil see a ton of Sonic Bust CD’s in Wal Mart. That bumped sales for Kiss. Didn’t mean the end buyer went and bought the record. Wal Mart pushed record sales loading up copies in all THIER stores. So it’s very deceiving. Good for Kiss tho. Monster sales are more impressive being Wal Mart wasn’t the exclusive. Although Im sure in the contract Wal Mart agreed to purchase a ton of Monster also but not have the exclusive. So even Monster sales are deceiving. Ace had none of this. So his landing #27 on the billboard charts and being solo and alone is a much more impressive number. Paul’s solo record an Genes last solo did nothing. This has really got to get to Gene and Paul’s ego. Ace with limited funds and marketing kicked Kiss’s ass if you look at how it’s not even close to a level playing field distributing new records!!

    • Frank W on

      Peter’s new album?

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