ac:dc10:17:2014-640 Following the release of the video for Let’s Play Ball from their forthcoming album, Rock Or Bust, AC/DC has released an official video for the title track. Watch it below.

Rock Or Bust is due out on December 2nd, but is available for pre-order by clicking on the highlighted links below:



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  1. Rock and Roll! AC/DC are back to kick some major ass!

    Happy Thanksgiving to Eddie, my fellow Airbourne fans Dana and Doug R., the great Harry Taint, the one and only Richman and everyone at Have an awesome holiday, eat lots of great food, watch some football and enjoy time with your family and friends.

    1. James K.,

      Doug R. is having trouble logging in, but he wanted me to thank you for your kind words and wish you the same.

      Dana 🙂

    2. Don,

      Absolutely NOT. Doug is a great guy and not a troublemaker at all.

      However, I can think of quite a few others that will go unnamed, but you know who you are 😉 LOL!

      Dana 🙂

    3. No, Doug is ok…he wouldn’t have been banned. I don’t think anybody is banned, just harder now to talk a bunch of garbage. I somebody registers and talks garbage like a lot of the people that have been doing lately then it will be easier for the webmaster to block them, which is the right thing to do.

      But Doug R. is all good, hopefully he can get logged on soon.

    4. Doug R is one of the coolest people that post on this site. I hope he gets the problems logging in fixed soon.

      There are, however, other people that have deliberately posted on this site in an attempt to start trouble and state untrue and disrespectful comments towards and about Eddie, Dana and anyone else they feel like messing with and that’s not cool at all. I hope the new process on this site makes it easier to block those people, especially the ones that have signed in with multiple names to hide behind.

      Doug R, if you read this, we miss you buddy. Hope you get access to back soon. Take care bud :-).

      James K.

    5. Dana, Eddie, David C., James K., you guys are great! Thanks for helping me get back on the board again! Wasn’t really sure what the hell I was doing, when the posting rules changed, at the same time I went away for a few days, and when it comes to computers, like I said to Dana, a genius I’m not, to say the least. I know how to type, and that’s about it! LOL! Hopefully we can get the rest of “the good guys” back, and not have to deal with the trolls anymore! Hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving, I’m kind of turkey-d out myself, 3 straight days of leftovers, tonight, it’s pasta and beer! And some AC/DC on the side! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Thanks James K for the well wish!! Also want to wish Eddie and Dana a very Happy Thanksgiving and say how much I appreciate all of their hard work on the site.

    If I want Hard Rock and Heavy Metal news, is the place I check first.

    Thanks ya’ll!!!

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