LAGunsliveinBoston640 LA Guns have announced they will release a live album recorded in Boston in 1989.

The show was captured during what was arguably the group’s heyday. According to eOne Records, โ€œthe sound quality is excellent and the boys are absolutely at the top of their game, ripping through supercharged versions of One More Reason, Electric Gypsy, Never Enough and more.”

It includes liner notes written by the band’s frontman Phil Lewis. The record is available from December 8th in CD and digital formats.

In September, LA Guns split with bassist Scott Griffin, replacing him with former member Kenny Kweens. Griffin hit out at Lewis in the wake of what he insists was a sacking.

Boston 1989 track list:

1. Kiss My Love Goodbye
2. Wild Obsession
3. Dirty Love
4. Slap In The Face
5. Electric Gypsy
6. Rip And Tear
7. Never Enough
8. Malaria
9. Sex Action
10. Bitch Is Back
11. 17 Crash
12. I Wanna Be Your Man
13. One More Reason
14. Rock Candy
15. Some Lie For Love

additional source: classicrockmagazine.com

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  1. Classic time period for L.A Guns……back when they were kings!
    Should be a good listen…so much shit has happened since then….this is great to have this as a memento of better times in the guns history…Rip n tear with a fully cocked and loaded L.A Guns!

  2. Got a chance to talk with Phil on the last MOR cruise. He was relaxed and having a nice time. Damn, he had a good looking young red haired girlfriend with him…she probably was 21 or so lol.

    Why didn’t the good lord bless me with talent to play a guitar or sing lol????

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