ac:dc10:17:2014-640 Last night (February 8th), AC/DC opened the 57th annual Grammy Awards by performing Rock or Bust and Highway to Hell. Watch their performances below.

As name” target=”_blank”>previously reported, the band was joined onstage by drummer Chris Slade as original member Phil Rudd deals with legal issues. No further information has been provided as to whether Slade will also be joining AC/DC when they hit the road starting in May.

AC/DC released their latest recording, Rock or Bust, on December 2nd, 2014.

POTW Image for AC/DC

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  • Doug on

    A legitimate (legendary) hard rock act opening the Grammy’s, now us headbangers cannot criticize that!

  • Dana on

    The only authentic rock band in that whole place. The Grammy’s were lucky to have AC/DC.

    Thank God they opened the show, so that I could change the channel for the rest of the night. 😉

    D 🙂

    • Dana on

      Oh please, I am so sick of all of these “rock stars using teleprompters” as a controversy. How many artists use them that aren’t even sexaganarians? If that is the worst thing AC/DC does, they already have 95% of those autotuned, pro tools enhanced, sampling stealing buffoons beat by a long shot.

      D 🙂

  • Brian bulakites on

    They were the oldest act the other than Tony and I bet they were the only actual live act! All of these hip hop idiots were most likely lip sinking. Angus should kicked Kanye ass someone need beat that loser down

  • Sean Koepenick on

    I also agree that “Highway To Hell” was definitely too slow-it was noticeable. Now that Chris Slade was behind the kit-Simon Wright is somewhere in a dark, quiet room, quietly weeping.

    • Dana on

      I have a sneaking suspicion that they were asked to slow one of their songs down in order to fill up a specific amount of time. My guess is that AC/DC chose to slow Highway down instead because Rock or Bust is a new song, so they would most likely want to perform that one in the correct tempo.

      D 🙂

    • Doug on

      Good call Dana. Perhaps also have to consider this band essentially has two new members and they are still getting comfortable musically. Timing takes well, time.

    • RandyK on

      Good point. They didn’t play the 2nd verse of the song though. Unless it was edited out. And also, even though he’s bald so it may be harder to tell, Slade looks exactly the same 20 years later. Seems he’s still in great shape too.

    • Medved on

      I’m pretty sure, like any other event such as the Super Bowl, the Grammys gave AC/DC only a certain amount of time to perform. The band elected to perform “Rock or Bust” in its entirety, followed by a shorten version of “Highway to Hell”. With regards to the latter, the tempo of the song wasn’t any different from when I heard them perform it on the Black Ice tour.

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