Lot’s of reaction about The Grammy’s who I have consistently hammered about their utter consistent cluelessness when it comes to rock and metal. The nominations seem random at best and the winners can be even more head scratching. Because they have destroyed any real level of credibility when an artist that is actually deserving wins it does nothing for their career and has no real impact. It is sad that another mainstream music institution is so lost when it comes to rock and metal and has been for over 20 years. And there are no signs of anything changing with the laughable decision to give Tenacious D a Grammy for best Metal performance last night for a Dio cover. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Dio as you know and love the album this song came from and the cause it was put out for. But is a metal comedy act really the best metal performance over nominees like Motorhead (who once won one for a Metallica cover!), Mastodon, Slipknot (a #1 album!) and Anthrax (again nominated for a cover!). I mean you just couldn’t make it up! I have nothing against Tenacious D but even they have to be thinking “what the fuck?”. Outside of that AC/DC were great and it looks like Chris Slade has the gig on drums. That was about all there was to discuss rock wise from the show. Oh and it was very cool to see Nuno Bettencourt playing with Paul McCartney! Nuno is having some year reuniting Extreme, still working with Rhianna, recently touring with Steven Tyler, etc. Incredible stuff for a great talent and congrats to him.

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  1. Great to hear Alice Cooper on the show again. I freaking love Alice Cooper. The guy is a true innovator and is still a great, great live act and still cranking out great albums. A true legend who has had a lot of success, but frankly should have had even more.

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