philrudd400 AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, who has been out on bail for nearly two months on charges of possessing cannabis and methamphetamine and threatening to kill, spoke to ONE News for the first time since his arrest, calling the charges against him “ludicrous.” transcribed the video where Rudd said, “This has just been a big ball of cheese and all the rats are gathering and having a piece, that’s just life, but that’s not who I am,” he told ONE News. “I want my job back, I want my reputation back, and I’m gonna get it back. I’m gonna fucking take it back. I’m going back to work with AC/DC. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t. Everyone listens to the wrong people. They should listen to me. I’m a good guy, and I’m a pretty good drummer, by the way. Ask Angus [Young, AC/DC guitarist]. He’ll tell you.”

An unidentified man has claimed that he was approached by Rudd to work as the drummer’s bodyguard and not to kill two people, as originally reported when Rudd was arrested last month. According to The New Zealand Herald, Rudd offered the man nearly $200,000 and one of the drummer’s luxury cars as compensation. The man said that he considered Rudd a “good fella” and that the entire incident was blown out of proportion.

The murder-for-hire charged was dropped within hours of Rudd’s arrest at his New Zealand home on November 6th.

Rudd does still face a charge of “threatening to kill” as a result of a phone call he placed to a contractor, in which he allegedly threatened the lives of the contractor and his daughter.

Rudd is due back in court on February 10th for a hearing on the “threatening to kill” charges.

Rudd’s legal situation makes his position with AC/DC unclear at the moment. Although he did play on the band’s newly released album, Rock Or Bust, the group has not said whether he will be part of the lineup on next year’s world tour.

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  • RandyK on

    So this whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. Now put some teeth in and get on the drum kit.

    • elliot goldberg on

      “kicked in the teeth”

  • elliot goldberg on

    jailbreak ’14

  • James K. on

    If any substantial charges stick, he may not have a say whether he can go on tour with the band. It’d be great if all this mess is resolved and just goes away so he can get his life back in order.

  • D. Comiskey on

    Sorry, but I’m not exactly going to take the word of a meth addict when it comes to something like this. The guy is a mess and has created tremendous problems for the band this past year. I’d be shocked if he’s allowed back in and more so if he actually tours with them.

  • Medved on

    Phil sounds like he’s making threats again. Don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t? Pretty sure Angus will have a say in that. What if the band doesn’t want you back Phil? Are you going to kill them? This guy is so whacked on meth. Hopefully Phil does get locked up.

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