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KISS put out an album called Psycho Circus, but could it be that title may have also inspired a shelved Folgers coffee commercial starring singer-guitarist Paul Stanley? In this newly unearthed commercial, the Stanley sings a unique take on the company’s well known jingle while trapeze artists defy death from above.

The Folgers ad never actually made it to air, but thanks to the internet, the clip will live for eternity. In an October 2000 interview, Stanley actually spoke about filming the commercial. “Life is strange!” Stanley said. “I got a call asking if I was interested in singing a Folgers commercial. And like many other things, I thought ‘Why not?’ I wasn’t at all concerned with who thinks it is OK or not OK, cool, not cool, rock ‘n’ roll or not. I had a blast doing it and like I said, isn’t that what this is all about?” [via KISSanity]

Once the Folgers commercial started making the rounds online over the weekend, longtime Monk writer/executive producer and music video director Tom Scharpling actually claimed to have written and directed the ad. Since there’s literally no reason why anyone would take credit for this commercial, we’re inclined to take Scharpling at his word. Watch the ad below.

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  • Nic on

    It says it all that Folgers would contact Paul for this, pay who knows how much to get him to do it, shoot the thing, edit it, and apparently a rep from Folgers saw how bad it was and cans the thing before it even airs. This guy should’ve just retired around this time with his head up and thankful this never aired. Instead he goes on to embarrass himself and tarnish the legacy of Kiss by the countless other things on this level we’ve seen over the past 10 to 15 years (Macy’s being most recent). But hey, on a positive note Ace released one of the top albums of 2014 and saw for myself at BB King’s last month how he kicks a** live. At least part of the Kiss legacy is alive and well.

  • elliot goldberg on

    “live to brew”

  • genesraccoonwig on

    That commercial makes Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park an Oscar winning movie.

  • elliot goldberg on

    that commercial makes me want to go back to sleep.

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